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Kala Afghanists Have Managed To Change Ardas!


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I don’t know how many of you have heard of this but the Kala Aghanists have managed to change the Ardas in a Gurdwara in Finland. As usual their target was the word ‘Bhagouti’. They replaced ‘Bhagouti’ with ‘’Akal Purkh ko simir ke’.

Besides this change they also made some other minor changes such as mentioning the 35 Bhagats. They came to the conclusion that no one accept Guru Jee has the right to use the name ‘Nanak’. Amongst the people who were present at the time when these changes occured was Inder Singh Ghagha (why am I not surprised that he would be there?).

The new ‘Sodhi hoi Ardas’ looks something like this:

Pratham Sri Akal Purkh ko

simar ke Guru Nanak lie

dhiye te phir....

Panja Pyarian, chohaan

Sahibzadiyaan, 35 Bhagtaan....

Akal Purkh di chardi

kalaan tere bhane sarbat

dha bhalaa

After this the Dohra has also been changed:

Panth Khalsa janiyo

Pragat Guraan ki dhe||

Jo mo so mil boch hai

Khoj inho mai leh||

They have also taken the dicision that no Bani from Sri Dasam Granth will be recited in the Gurdwara. Only and ONLY Gurbani from SGGSJ will be recited. If you want more information about these changes you can contact their representative Sardar Manjit Singh ‘Finland’ (phone number) 00358400-701727

BTW, I got this info from the newspaper. The phone number is not private info. It was mentioned in the paper.

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How are they not reciting Dasam Bani? They are still reciting the Chandi Di Vaar manglacharan - albeit having modified it, these people are stupid beyond belief.

This puts Ghagga unquestionably bang smack in the middle of Ram Rai territory.

Amardeep - this is close to your neck of the woods isn't it, can you not meet up with the committee etc?

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I have to agree with Shaheediyan on the changing of chandi vaar being 100% ram raiya.

What I would like to indulge the sangat in is the fact that although ardaas has now been standardized, which I'm all in support for..There are still differences and this wasn't always the case.

I sometimes do a quick personal ardas, but that obviously would not be proper darbar ettiquette and these are 2 different fish.

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Apart from the manglacharan and "nimaniyan de mann>", I have never heard an ardaas that is the same. Outside of the start and finish as I have mentioned, people personlise a standard - be it the SGPC one, or the Nihnag one or the Nanaksaria one (that one is long)! Maybe the start and finish was the original standard ardaas...? Who knows, more imprtantly....

I think Gurdwara committees should save time from what they clearly se as bureaucracy and get straight to the clearly more important sangatan kushiyan and announce the 20 minute 'kaam' seva list, "Dilbagh Singh ne £2.23 dithe ne building fund lai".

I enjoy listening to the various ardaas forms, its simply the roop/rang of the Khalsa, what peeees me off is being snapped out of my hard acquired 'spiritual state' ;) to listen to scores of celebrity seeking and status maintaining individuals names!

Down with celebrity in Gurus darbar!

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Various groups have various versions of Ardas. But none of them change the Gurbani portion of it. These Kala Afghanists at first started off putting down all Sikh groups who did not follow the SGPC Maryadha. But look at the hypocrisy of these people, they themselves have changed the Panthic(SGPC/Akal Takht) version. In their Nitnem they don't even read Jaap Sahib, Choupi, Svaya since that is Dasam Bani. Besides this they also do not believe in the concept of Nam Simran on the Gurmantra which they call 'Gorakh Dhandha". Ghagha also wrote a book where he calls Nam Simran as "Gorakh Dhandha". If things couldn't be worse enough, now they are putting these Manmat beliefs into Gurdwaras.

For them Sikhi has no concept of spirituality no roohaniyat, for them Gurmat is only a moral/ethical code, 'don't lie', 'don't cheat', 'don't drink'. You can find this type of moral code in every religion, why would someone want to follow Sikhi if it was just about a moral code? I mean you can be an atheist and be moral! These people have taken their Hindu Phobia way too far. Sikhi is about Kirtan, Naam Simran, Illahi Bani of the Gurus. But for these fools this great roohani marg is only about a "moral code". The state of mind these people are in is that of a frog in a well not knowing how big the world outside the well is.

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Then they can not do Amrit Procession ..because they have to recite Jaap Sahib, Tvye Prasad Sawaiye, and Chaupai Sahib.........and these baani's are from dasam granth. Also Dohra : 'Sagal Dwar Ko Chaad Ke..Gayo Tuharo Dwar..Bahein Gahe Ki Laaj As ..Gobind Daas Tuhar............." is from Dasam Granth.

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