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Vivek Pradipika


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Vivek Pradīpikā by Tīrath Singh Nirmalā

The Bibeksār was composed by Srīmān Sant Bhāī Adan Shāh Jī in the mid 18th Century.

It is a masterful exposition of the metaphysical and theological principles of Gurmat Sidhānt. It remains unparalleled amongst the adhyātamic literature of the Sevāpanthī Sampradāya.

Tīrath Singh Nirmalā was initiated into the Nirmala Sampradāya and schooled in its traditions by Srīmān Sant Sher Singh Jī. He provides an extensive commentary that is at once illuminating and authentic.

Paperback, 338 pages,

ISBN 978-0-9562367-0-8

This will be available from Monday. Orders can be made using paypal through this website;


The website also has a sample excerpt from this text and Bhavrasamrit Tika as pdf files.

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Unfortunately DHL messed up and they failed to deliver the books yesterday. That means that I cannot start processing orders until Friday. I sincerely apologise to those of you who have ordered for this delay. I should have guessed that it was a bad idea to announce the release of the book before they had physically arrived.

Also, if anyone reading this is thinking of ordering multiple copies of the text could they please delay placing their order until the paypal option on the webpage has been corrected. At the moment it is only charging the initial fixed amount of p+p and not adding further p+p per book.

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Re the Akhara. Right now there are no plans to do so. Its far less hassle for all involved if people buy the book directly.

Bulk orders - I am a bit old school about this. I'm of the view that those who are interested will make the effort to buy it themselves. This is not a book that I wish to be readily available in all bookshops. Its not an snobbish elitist thing. In the old days it was very much an issue about only teaching this knowledge to those who are qualified (adhikaari) because it is subtle and difficult. Nowadays that is not possible, but if you wish to get any books published by Nirmale or Sevapanthis you have to go to the Dera/Sant/Mahant.

All the best


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