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Three Hindustanis See A Sardar In A Bar..........


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Three cocky hindustanis were in a bar and spotted a Sardar having a quiet drink. One of the hindustanis walked over to the Sardar, tapped him on the shoulder and said 'Oyee Sardar, I hear your Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a smelly, pervy faggot!'

'Oh really?' said the Sardar. 'I didn't know that.'

Disappointed by the lack of reaction, the hindustani walked back to his friends and said 'I told him Ranjit Singh was a faggot, and he simply didnt care.'

The second hindustani said 'Vijay, you just dont know how to pull his beard right. Watch and learn.' So he walked over to the Sardar, tapped him on the shoulder and said 'Oyee Singh, I hear your Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a cowardly, cross dressing faggot!'

'Oh really?' said the Sardar. 'I didn't know that.'

Shocked, the hindustani went back to his friends and said 'You're right. He's unshakeable.'

The third hindustani said 'Adil, my friend, you simply dont know how to deal with them. Dont worry I'll show you how to pull him out of chardikala!' So he walked over to the Sardar, tapped him on the shoulder and whinnied 'Oyee Sikh, I hear your Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a hindustani!!!'

'Yeah,' snorted the Sardar. 'That's what your friends were trying to tell me.'

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How stupid, is this supposed to be some sort of correction/pay back to the Sardar being the butt of Indian jokes?

Well I am afraid Sardar has just turned from a cartoon characted into a 10 IQ, uneducated, Hinduphobe.

Every one who lives in Hindustan is a Hindustani, like it or not. Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji was refered to as a Hindustani in the language of that time(i.e. Hindu) by his Iraqi Mureed Fakir Bahlol.

Ironically, here is a 'Hindustani' attempting to do something that eluded Sikh Babai:

This forum has seriously degenerated lately with some regular posters making consistent, hateful, ignorant and generalistic remarks about Hindus and Muslims.

N30, I sent you a PM about this a while back, you have failed to enforce your own forum rules i.e. "This forum is dedicated to Islam (((( No racist, hateful messages allowed ))))".

And HSD brother, I am surprised at you dropping down to these trash levels, inc your exchanges with Navjot. Whatever you think of his opions on Sikhi, you don't need to go and insult 700 odd million people in response. I have seen that you are intelligent and have made some insightful/interesting contributions here, I hope you continue to do so, and leave the trash commentry to the our established Neanderthals Nazis.


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Oh come on, a joke is a joke. I dont see this as payback but just some light hearted fun. If any hindustanis are offended by it, well i'm sorry but it's about time someone cracked a joke around here. As for navjot, I get annoyed at how upset people get when goreh/hindus/muslims are supposedly offended, but when it comes to standing up for our own lot or those who dont have a voice we are quiet. All i want is people to respect every other race rather than picking and choosing who we sikhs should support.

By the way, when I use hindustani I am referring to a citizen of the republic of india created in 1947. However that does not include many sikhs who live there and openly say they are not hindustani.

For me, Sardar will always represent the resilient, tolerant, sharp yet reserved Singh who has and always will outwit his foes. Recently I have tried finding some sikhs who were good with drawings to produce an internet action comic called 'Sardar', about the ordinary unnamed Khalsa Faujis who gave their lives for us, to help the disaffected youth to understand the true meaning of the word and how it was once used.

As for the video of the man trying to rebuild the shrine, i heard the iraqi govt were stumping up most of the cash and manpower to do it. Hopefully the shrine will be built like it was before rather than changed to reflect the iraqi govt/hindustani mystic man's role of helping restore it. We can only wait and see. Mind you if we had Khalistan, we could have done more to protect it in the first place.

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I think it was actually Sri Sri Ravishankar that was raising awareness about Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji's shrine in Baghdad, and petitioning for it to be rebuilt.

In regards to Muslims/Islam; I think the Chris Rock explanation (Black people vs. Niggas) is apt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui6-Wc0PDc4

Similarly, you have Sullas vs. Muslims :D

Anyways, hope everyone had a nice Diwali.

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