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Jay Sean Being A Comedian - He'S Actually A Bit Funny.....


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Even though, it's not my cup of cha. I have to give it up for Jay Sean who was number 'bun' in the US charts with his tune Down. Given that artists from the UK would give their right moofli to be successful in the US, he's done well.

Anyway check out this funny interview. (I thought so anyway).

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It is sad enough when whitey makes fun of our culture and accent. It is even sadder and unacceptable when an apna makes fun of our own culture and we think it is funny. It is sort of like how when I see some fellow Sardars who think Sardar Jee jokes are actually funny. Have some self respect people.

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You know I miss the older lot who spoke like that. The tough old Panjabis who would use busted up English in the middle of a fight:

"Vhut phor ju say dis thing to me bascaada, huh?"

"I phakin da kill ju!"

It is observational and often affectionate when our own people imitate that. For me at least. When other communities do it they are taking the pishaab and trying to demean. Now I think of it some of our own self hating coconuts probably use it to demean and look down on their own, but not everyone is doing this. In a way, it is like 2nd/3rd generation Jamaicans talking in their patois.

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