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Purpose For Covering Head?

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Satsangat Jio, I would like to ask the purpose of covering the head? In terms of we understand a gift of sardari, but some people may see as an imposed thought. During the raj of maharaja patialla they would not let anyone into there darbars without wearing dastars, and today Namdharis do not let anyone in without turbans. But in tradational Sikhi gurdwaras ramallas are placed outside and we have children who run around in darbar without head covered. This then results in people telling off these kids, even though we came to pray for ourselves and ask God to forgive our mistakes instead of looking at others mistakes. Leaving with krodh, as well as telling innocent children who are closer to God then we may be, our Guru is in all and we missed seeing it in them. Why is the idea of a gift of dastar being forced on others, without the understanding associated? Also do you think it may be okay to air out the head at times, in a long hot day with a dastar, sitting at home, which alot of Sikhs tend to do. When we see paintings of bhagats of sri guru granth shahib sometimes like bhagat ravidas and baba sheikh farid are shown without dastars. Additionally could you also tell me about when the tradation of separating women and men in sangat started? We tend to say women men equal, generally for concentrating in Gurdwara people see it as good, but in langar halls they mix, and we can even see some Sikhs dating, kissing, hugging in guru ghars now a days- in Sikhs soc programmes when kirtan is done men and women sit together instead of splitting up like Gurdwara what are your views there, as well as forcing people out of the Sikh tradation to wear ramalls. Is it wrong to listen to gurbani without head covered?- please do not take offence, I pray for answers, satnaam.

Bhul Chuk Maaf Karna Jio


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looking at modern interpretations such as behaviour (flirtign, hugging) and paintings is not a good way to understand gurmat. many modern people just look for excuses to follwo their own mann marji.

women and men have different energies. that's why they are supposed to sit separate. sometimes a particular woman and particular man may have a very compatible energy, and if they sit near each other, even if they don't look at each other, their attention may be quite easily diverted from god.

people should always have head covered in gurdwara, doesn't matter if they understand or not. if you had to understand everythng before doing it then people would need to read a short manual before coming into a gurdwara.

at home, you can listen to bani with head uncovered if you want. my advice, is keep head covered as much as possible, but to air out kesh etc there's nothign wrong with that. it's geneerally better, imo, to have head covered when listening to bani as it's more respectful.

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i haev heard katha of gyani sant maskeen ji , and during one of the occasion he explained that the custom of wearing a turban dates back to ancient times, the most noticable occasion happens to be when sudama goes to meet Sri Krishan ji, it is said that his clothes were tattered and he wasnt dressed properly. Sri Krishanji is said to have placed a turban on his nanga seer.

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1) Satguru Guru Gobind Singh Ji Mahraj's crown has been given to you by him bcuz

we are his princes/princesses

2) Your are the king of the 8400000 life species

3) the feet are of sudra caste, the torso is vaisnav caste, the arms are representative of the shatriya caste and the head is representative of the

brahman caste...this head is covered by Gyan of religious scriptures hence turban etc represent religious wisdom

bhul chuk khima karni


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