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Five Khands


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This is not my writing but i thought this would be good knowledge for you peeps. I've taken this from my copy of the Jap Ji Sahib called the Essence of Jap Ji Sahib, english translation by Bhai Shaib and Rajinder Singh Gill.


There are five kinds of stages in spiritual stages and Guru Ji could these stages "Khands". They are Dharam Khand, Gyan Khand, Sharam Khand, Karam Khand, Sach Khand. These Khands have nothing to do with afterlife. But as a self-assesment in process of God Realisation.

The Spirtual progress is achieved by Naam Simran (Meditation through Waheguru Jaap) and Guru's instrustions in practical life as laid down in Gurbani.

Dharam Khand (This is from a website)

During the night when the physical body sleeps, man’s astral mind floats away. Distances mean nothing, gravity is ineffective as man’s astral body moves by desire, and the moment he desires to to someplace, he reaches it. When one sleeps and moves in the realm of Dharam Khand one may see relatives long dead who now occupy this plane. One finds that one can go any place just be desiring it, create things, meet people just by desiring it. Man can work and live in the physical world only as long as he has a physical body. Once the body dies his contact with the physical world is broken and his consciousness now passes to the next plane. Here the desires of his mind are still intact – sensual gratification, the pleasures of women, wine and wealth – all these desires still persist but since his physical body now does not exist the desires cannot be gratified. The more his attachment, desires and ignorance, the greater his pain, for man’s consciousness has not risen past material attachment. Guru Nanak Dev Ji writes, that man gets what he deserves according to his actions when in the physical world.

Gyan Khand

A person who has reached the spritual level of Gyan Khand also visualises through his "Third Eye" or "The Celestial Vision":- Innumerical moons, suns and stars. In other words, a Gyan Khandee experiences the vastness of God's creation. He also realises that there are many Sidhas (accomplised yogis), Buddhas (Buddist Monks), Naaths (Supreme Ascetics) and Goddesses bearing numerous names and forms, all whom have reached the level of Gyan Khand (are striving to process to higher levels). In a state of Gyan Khand a devotee's spriutal knownledge reaches it's peak, he hears mystical "celestial music"(This hearing is not heard with physical ears but by the mind).

Sharam Khand

Sharam Khand is the beauty of the Mind or Mana. The devotee works hard at Naam Simran and Contemplation. As a result his mind is re-structured beautifully. In other words, he sheds all evil and breed in himself good virtues. Sharam Khand is a realm of labouring hard in worship and restructuring the mind by adopting Godly virtues and piety. The beauty of the mind and soul forged within this realm is incomparable and beggars description. To make an attempt to desciribe this state of mind is impossible. Also in this realm a devotee's consciousness, wisdom, mind and intelligence are restructured and prefected. Also are perfected the spiritual vision and the mystical powers. In other words, all power of the devotee is now properly chanalised for God Realisation.

Karam Khand

Karam Khand is a realm of God's Grace. Spritual Might or Spritual Power. The devotee through God's Grace aquires immense spirutal power. Karam Khand is like a dynamo working at its peak. He is also busting with spritual energy. Keeping this energy is a challenge for a devotee. No ordinary soul can have access to this realm except those who have acquired supreme spritual might through god's grace. Such souls are fully inspired by god-consciousness. They are regarded as true spirual heros. In this realm a devotees mind and soul are constantly interwoven with God-Spirit or At one with god. Bhangats and saints reaching this realm have conquered their mind completely, they are their own masters and can not be overpowered by Maya.

Sach Khand

A devotee that reaches this supreme state of spiritual awareness called Sach Khand, visualises spritual souls of all other devotees from different parts of the universe who are in union with God and are in a state of permanent bliss.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave a account of the final realm called Sach Khand or the Realm of Ultimate Reality. The Formless Supreme God abides in this realm of eternity (which has no limits and boundaries). In this realm of Sach Khand, a devotee visualises with his inner eye the vast creation of the universe with galaxies and planets which are beyond count. In this realm a devotee visualises world upon worlds of creations, which God commands. People living there act as He Commands.


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