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Kalki Avtar?

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when there is incest, inbreading of castes- so no more caste, adultery, atheism, hatred toward religion, no more dharma (righteous/religion),too much sin everywhere-

"The impossible Iron Age has come; in what way the world will be saved?` till the time they are not imbued in the love of the one Lord, upto that time there will be no safety from the impact of the Iron Age.118."...

"Wherever you see, there are only people committing wicked deeds and no one who accepts religion is seen."


"For the protection of the helpless and suffering humanity the Lord Himself will take some measure and He will manifest Himself as the Supreme Purusha;

For the protection of the lowly and for ending the burden of the earth, the Lord will incarnate Himself.139.

At the end of the Iron Age and by the very beginning of Satyuga, the Lord will incarnate Himself for the protection of the lowly, And will perform wonderful sports and in this way the incarnated Purusha will come for the destruction of the enemies.140.""

"For the destruction of the sins, he will be called the Kalki incarnation and mounting on a horse and taking the sword, he will destroy all; He will be glorious like a lion coming down from the mountain; the town of Sambhal will be very fortunate because the Lord will manifest Himself there.141. Seeing his unique form, the gods and other will feel shy; he will kill and reform the enemies and start a new religion in the Iron Age;

All the saints will be redeemed and no one will suffer any agony; the town of Sambhal will be very fortunate, because the Lord will manifest Himself there.142.

After killing the huge demons, he will cause his trumpet of victory to be sounded and killing thousands and crores of tyrants, he will spread his fame as Kalki incarnation;The place where he will manifest Himself, the condition of dharma will begin there and the mass of sins will flee away; the town of Sambhal will be very fortunate, because the Lord will manifest Himself there.143.The Lord will get infuriated on seeing the pitiable plight of the talented Brahmins and taking out his sword, he will cause his horse to dance in the battlefield as a persistent warrior;

He will conquer the great enemies, all will eulogise him on the earth; the town of Sambhal is very fortunate, where the Lord will manifest Himself.144.

Sheshnaga, Indra, Shiva, Ganesha, Chandra, all of them will eulogise Him; the ganas, the ghosts, fiends, imps and fairies, all of them will hail Him;

Nara, Narada, Kinnars, Yakshas etc. will play on their lyres in order to welcome him; the town of Sambhal is very fortunate, where the Lord will manifest Himself.145.

The sounds of drums will be heard; the tabors, the musical glasses, rababs and conches etc. will be played,

And hearing the sounds of large and small, the enemies will become unconscious; the town of Sambhal is very fortunate, where the Lord will manifest Himself.146.

He will look splendid with bow, arrows, quiver etc; he will hold the lance and spear and his banners will wave;

The Ganas, Yakshas, Nagas, Kinnars and all famous adepts will eulogise Hiim; the town of Sambhal is very fortunate, where the Lord will manifest Himself.147.

He will kill in very great numbers using his sword, dagger, bow, quiver and armour; he will strike blows with his lance, mace, axe, spear, trident etc. and use his shield;

In His fury, He will shower arrows in the war; the town of Sambhal is very fortunate, where the Lord will manifest Himself.148.

Seeing his powerful beauty and glory, the tyrants will flee like the leaves flying before the strong gust of wind;

Wherever He will go, the dharma will increase and the sin will not be seen even on seeking; the town of Sambhal is very fortunate, where the Lord will manifest Himself.149."

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oh my god. you guys sound like pandits! Guru Nanak Dev ji/Guru Gobind Singh ji coming back? Coming back from where? Where did they go that they can come back?..Incarnation of the Lord himself?..Avtars??...Oh my god!...some serious issues going around here...please get hold of Guru Granth Sahib!

Nobody has said that Guru Sahib is coming back in human form, it was a question.

Do you find anything in Guru Sahib that's different from what Guru Ji wrote in Sri Dasam Granth about the avtaars and the future? Read some Gurbani ;)

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The sau sakhi is a book which was written later on of oral sayings of guru gobind singh this extract is written in english in the year 1873. The sausakhis are accepted by some sects of sikhism however not accepted/acknowledge or known about by the mainstream of sikhs. Here is an extract about the kalki avtar.

The woman shall do full justice, hear, Seikh of Gooroo ! the force of Ssikhs and martyrs will remain till 1 000 years. All the Seikh women will love their servants The wives of Princes will become disobedient and unfaithful to their husbands. Fifty-nine years of the age of Ganges will remain to pass at that time. I will show displeasure till eight years, after which one of my martyr Seikhs will be born on earth and will reign over the kings up to Calcutta. The light of his glory will spread in the world and assuming the appearance of a Singh and being accompanied with his army he, the Daleep Singh will drive his elephant through the world. The Englishmen will first reign in Loodiana and will press his glory. Anxiety will prevail on the minds of all kings. All will pray for death. The beautiful women will fly to obtain wealth. The Khalsa will be much in distress at that time. The lamp (i. e. Daleep Singh) will shine in Khalsa. Daleep Singh will be the Emperor over all the kings. 1 will first explain to you the Bhimishut1 Purb as detailed by Bias Eikh. A Brahmachari2 of previous birth assumed the body of Akbar and well discharged his duties towards God, An Englishman had made himself servant of " Shahjahan," the son of Jahangeer. His power increased day by day and all the people felt it in their mind. At that time " Aurungzeb," who falsely pretended to be a retired man, began to serve Meeran Shah with a view of raising himself by that means. He left this service afterwards and killed his brother. He did not resign throne, but cutting off the head of Dara Shukoh his brother damaged the empire. Aurungzeb then began to reign and became our enemy without cause. He will use his force to wound the Khalsa in heart and killing Hindoos would like to spread the Mahammedan religion. He used to fly to Mukka on every Friday and there prayed for being chosen by God. One night, a voice was heard that a powerful man will rise over all. In the morning the dream became true. He saw Mahanmiedans far reduced and Hindoos increased to millions. He then ordered that he will make all of one religion, having proclaimed his order he wanted us to show him the miracles and on that pretence began enmities with us and did not consider what was ordained by God. He will make friendship with all the Rajahs and will draw his forces against us. By Gooroo's favor we will kill all, who have embraced Mahammedanism in battle. The Mahammedans will live without glory and will earn their bread by labor and will no longer be rulers. I will leave my body at the age of 43 years. After that all the Seikhs will leave their bodies by and by and will come Kings and Chiefs in the next brith. The Seikhs will die while engaged in killing, and plundering. There shall be no end of the number of heads cut off. One Bheen Singh will conquer the city, the villages and the streets will be plundered. I will also put on a body about 40 years after the Hindoo Sal 1800. The Mahammedans of Kandhar will come and return and will desolate the country with all the villages. In the 19th year, after this, a King named " Bung Tees" will flourish in city. This King will come from the east, beating and killing as he comes. The foot-army of Jesus Christ will come. Khalsa will be divided. There will be quarrels and dissentions between men and women in all families. They will leave the arms and will become like Brahmins. Such thinogs will remain till 33 years. My Seikhs will flourish 7 years earlier. The women will die in a way opposite to the virtue. No one of the Seikh rulers will be allowed to remain. If in that time a Seikh trader will arise and will go about in astonishment in the search of religion. Dissentions will arise in Calcutta, there will be quarrels and distress in each house. Nothing will be known for 12 years. Daleep Singh, the Master, will be born. I will then assist him secretly and will fight for 21 years. The Englishmen will also come to the Seikhism and making friendship with the people will establish themselves. A Mahamtnedan named Bundan will arise, who will distress the people and destroy their castes. He will be tyrant for the world as lion for a cow. His reign will exist for 1000 years. There is no doubt in this. In the village Rilpoor there will flourish a carpenter's son, who will reign by force. In the Punjab country there had born a man of Sood caste, who had been this path of death. There will be a King of Delhie, reigning over the east, north and south of India. He shall be a man possessed of supernatural power. Something has been revealed, but much remains unrevealed. The story of the creator is very extensive.

When the Mahammedans will distress the people of Kashmeer, a son will be born in the house of Bishen Dutt Brahman. He will be an incarnation of Deity and shall be called Kulgee Awtar. He will establish good customs in the world. He will be born in the Sunbhul village. At that time 10,000 years of the Kuliyuga will pass away. He will thus be a Seikh of the Gooroo, in whom he shall believe and to whom he will make offerings of Karah Prashad. He will not eat Sheernee (special halal meat offering given). When he will become 12 years old, he will marry a woman named "Trikota." He will kill Maleches or Mahammedans and will establish a strong religion. He will live for 55 years in the world. When they would like to snatch the wife of that Brahman, then he will show power. He will be like Parasram, who lived in " Tretayuga," He will possess Brahma-glory, by the effect of which he will execute all his works. After this, the result of the devotions of Vishnu Shurnia1 will come to light. I have related the story before you in detail, my Seikh ! I will also be born in the house of a Brahman. Till that time my Sungat will be engaged in the service of Baital and assembly of Shaheeds or martyrs. They will take offerings from the brother of " Ravan " and will not take notice of Brahrnans and Seikhs. I have revealed this secret about the future, whoever will read or hear it, will come to me. Sakhee 15th finished. page 38


Sounds like a guy who going to go and kill the taliban and other militants in kashmir. Sambhal is in U.P utterpardesh, but it could be the name of such a village may have changed.


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Feb 1954: Under the leadership of Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Constituent Assembly of the State of Jammu and Kashmir ratified the State's accession to India.

May 14, 1954: The President of India promulgates the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order placing on a final footing the applicability of the other provisions of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir.

1956: Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act 1956, the category of Part B State was aboilished and Jammu and Kashmir was included as one of the States of India under Article I. However, Article 370 of the Indian constitution is still retained.

Jan 26, 1957: After the formal inauguration of its constitution, the Constituent Assembly dissolves itself.

1958: All-India services extended to J and K through an amendment in Article 312.

1964: Sheikh Abdullah released from the prison.

1965: Pakistan attacks India, in operation code named, Gibraltar. The defeat of Pakistan results in the Tashkent Agreement between the two countries.

Mar 30, 1965: Article 249 of Indian Constitution extended to Jammu and Kashmir whereby the center could legislate on any matter enumerated in state list (just like in any other State in the Union). Designations like Prime Minister and President of the State are replace by Chief Minister and Governor.

1971: Pakistani attack on India results in the third war between the two countries. Pakistan is completely defeated, over 90,000 of its men surrendered.

1972: India and Pakistan sign the Shimla Pact. Two agree to respect the line of control until the issue is finally resolved.

Feb 24-25, 1975: Following an accord signed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Abdullah on February 24, 1975, Jammu and Kashmir is made a "Constituent Unit" of India on February 25, 1975. Through this accord Indian Parliament reaffirms its right to legislate on any matter concerning the territory of the State.

1977: National Conference wins the first post-Emergency elctions.

1982: Sheikh Abdullah nominates his son, Farooq Abdullah as his successor setting up a political rivalry between Farooq Abdullah and his brother-in-law G. M. Shah.

1986: In one of the most shameful acts of religious massacre, several ancient historical Hindu temples are destroyed and scores of Hindus were killed in the city of Anantnag. Chief Minister G. M. Shah looses power to his brother-in-law Farooq Abdullah.

1990-1991: In a spate of terrorist violence, 2400 people have died so far, and 300,000 people have been driven out of their homes. Pakistan's involvement in this carnage of violence is beyond doubt.

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Kalki avtar is mentioned in dasam granth many times- the previous post had extracts of dasam bani.




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The etymology of Kalki is interesting. The root is from Kalka which means "impurity , meanness , falsehood , hypocrisy , deceit , sin" and also "dirt , filth the wax of the ear ordure , faeces". But the final a is substituted for i. (i) in grammar, more often than not, represents feminine nouns and also indicates the locative case. As the feminine produces, Kalki can be explained as he that is born or comes out of the filth. Another word for Kalki is Niskalank or Nehkalank, kalank means stain, filth and Nis is a prefix indicating 'out of' and 'forth from'. There is a saying that a tyrants' actions contain the seed of his destruction. Impure, mean, and hypocritical actions are the filth from which the destruction (Kalki) is born. Kalki is one of God's powers in the Cosmos that is born from the filth of wrong actions. It destroys old wrong actions that have gained strength and momentum through becoming habits in daily life, so new ways of daily life can grow. It is the duty of people who wish to help God to allow the Kalki power to become manifest, but as we all partake of living in a sinful society this may result in being seperated from that which we have become habituated towards.

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Also I believe that the Kalki power functions on many levels. On personal individual level, on a family level, on a societal level, a national level, on a global level and on a cosmic level. The function of Kalki can be understand in a persons mind and then this function can be seen at work outside in society etc.

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Your mind is all over the place. You started a thread about Kalki Avtar, who is described in great detail by Guru Ji in Sri Dasam Granth.

Now you're talking about the Taliban and the alleged return of Guru Ji in physical form, when they themselves said their form is now Guru Granth Sahib Ji and they won't be 'back' as a human.

Do read all the stuff you copy and paste?

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I have just copied and pasted it to see what others think about it. If you think it is nonesense fine please justify that, such as sau sakhis probably being unauthentic the dasam granth I guess you are saying is referring to the good human spirit comming back.

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