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Ideas For Simran In Sangat/ A Group

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki fateh!

Bhai sikho, Gurmukho,

4-5 young Singhs at the Gurudwara want to get together to do Simran, in a peaceful, shaant-mai way. Anybody know of a technique that can be used in a group for Simran?


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We should learn initial stages of chanting from how buddhist do it.. their meditation chanting resonates all their dharam sala with one voice.. i m not saying learn simran stages from buddhist but just an way of chanting..main purpose of chanting so that your surat can hear it and take ras from it and transcendent into more advance form of simran.

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Simran in groups should be done as one voice. Everyone chants together at the same tone. Not too fast. It's really fun, especially if it is done at Amritvela. The only bad thing is if one person decides to do simran in their own speed disregarding everyone else. That really disturbs the concentration of the group.

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Thanks for the ideas. What about playing a recording of Waheguru Jaap and just listening to it? Which reminds me, anyone have links to a nice, slow recording of Waheguru Jaap?

personally i find just listening to jap a bit too passive.

I remember many years ago when they had these vasakhi radio shows in the UK; around midnight they would put on a simran audio. I found it beautiful. a Very slow, hypnotic drone and done by a large group of sangat. I dont know who it was but the voice of the main ragi I now know sounded very much like that of GurIqbal Singh of Amritsar.

you may like to look into his works.

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