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The Dark Side Of Dubai

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it doesn't really sound at that different from any other country where you have a divide where affluent people live well, and the dregs live unwell.

this bit tickled me though:

"These Indians throw themselves in front of cars, because then their family has to be given blood money – you know, compensation. But the police just blame us. That poor woman."

If it's working there, this will soon spread to uk.

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its horrible man ! this article took away my sleep i was feelign drowsy ..now i feel i shouldnt have read it

well now you know what to read in the mornings when you struggle to get out of bed.

But having said that, I dont believe its an issue that effects all indo's who go to mideast. Many have their own successful business there. I remember reading, during the first gulf war, the gold industry in these countires are controlled by the desi people.

Again it is all down to EDUCATION. I recall a panjabi saying, to paraphrase it: those who are not successful at home wont be successful elsewhere. Most of these downtrodden desi people that we here about in UK, Mideast who are having problems are usually the poorly educated people back home. Or at least they are not worldly-wise.

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