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Non-Muslims Cannot Use 'allah'


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This is got to be one of the craziest things I have ever heard.


Sikhs react :


Just in case your interested :


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Correction. The message of '1 God and follow the messengers of God' came about when the first man was created - Adam. The Bible, the Torah , the Psalms were revealed over time at different stages to preach the same msg - there's 1 God and follow the messenger (at that time whoever the messenger was). Islam is the FINAL religion which was revealed 1400 years ago which concluded the above - There's 1 God and follow the FINAL messenger - Muhammad peace be upon him. (not trying to argue, just clearing some misconceptions :) )

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one thing that really makes me laugh is how Sikhs are so against Islam. So much so that there's links on every Sikh website about Islam lol.

Whereas all other major religions (including Islam) don't even take Sikhism into account when discussing religion LOL.

Bottom line is, if there wasn't Islam and Hinduism, there wouldn't be Sikhism .

Guru Naanak was born in a Hindu family and had many Muslim companions.

Hence why many aspects of Sikhism revolve around Hinduism and Islam. Fact.

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