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Sirdar Kapur Singh Speech Delivered After 1978 Nirankari Kand


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Sirdar Kapur Singh Jee was an intellectual who had such insight into these matters even before anyone else in the Panth. He warned the Sikh leadership even before partition but no one listened. It took Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale to finally awaken the Sikhs. May Guru Jee bless the Panth with more Sikhs like these great men.

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What an enlightened individual. Jonny, thank your for posting this video. I am sure everyone here is grateful for this. You are right, our kom needs more people like him. Vaheguru has always sent us someone in times of distress, and will send someone again soon. Or at least, I hope so. For, we can never know His Will.

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Kapur Singh was dismissed from his government job for corruption. Do you really think Sikhs need such a morally weak person as their leader?

As usual presenting a distorted view of the picture. Very smart. He was an IAS officer and had access to secret communications between top government officials. He was dismissed because right after partition as he had revealed how certain politicians had sent letters to all IAS officers(including him) stating Sikhs are a community of criminals(jaraim pesha). This is similar to how Gen Shabeg Singh was dismissed from his job turning patriotic Indians unpatriotic. When S Kapur Singh challenged this in court, they had nothing against him, in the end the judge told him privately that he was ordered to give a judgement against him. This isn't just about Sikhs who been meted out this type of treatment by the real corrupt Indian politicians but even upright Hindus suffered such as Gen Sinha was should have become the Chief of Army Staff but since he refused to follow Indira Gandhi's orders of carrying out operation bluestar his career suffered and in his place her yes-man Gen Vaidya was given that promotion. Corrupt politicians have destroyed a country that had great potential.

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What do you mean VG will send someone

We don't need a single leader. We have the Panj Piare and consensus of Guru Panth that we can actively play our own role in to change our own so-called destiny in relation to female infanticide or illiteracy or poverty or drugs usage or social stratification to name but five important issues plaguing us. Waiting for a messiah or praying for one will not advance us one jot.

Kapur Singh was dismissed from his government job for corruption. Do you really think Sikhs need such a morally weak person as their leader?

Sardar Kapur Singh was dismissed on politically motivated charges under the pretext of corruption.

Morally corrupt are those like Indira Gandhi that order and carry out the murder of six fugures of innocent human beings for political gain.

There were 10 serious charges of corruption against him

The same type of charges were also cooked up against General Shabeg Singh due to the fact that he bravely put his life on the line for the defence of his nation from China in 1962, Pakistan in 1965 and in the liberation of Bangladesh (safeguarding millions of Muslim and Hindu Bengali's in the process).

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You are in serious denial mr Singh. i am giving you serious evidence of Kapur Singh trial and you are still whining about "politically motivated charges"!! Kapur singh was investigated by the CHIEF JUSTICE OF Punjab High Court!! A British judge!! why are you guys so blind and so dumb?

Wow a British judge ... he must have been a neutral then ... just as the British Government when it supported Indira's terrorist plans in 1984 ...

clear evidence of a bureaucrat misusing his position and paying the price for his misdemeanor but you are blinded by your fanaticsm. This guy misappropriated money meant for poor refugees

That's your agenda to slander Sardar Kapur Singh because you oppose his political views ... i don't buy your version of history or the British judge who would have applauded Dyer's actions in his younger years.

and you are moaning about Subheg singh! was he the only bureaucrat to be dismissed for corruption or Subheg singh was the only jarnail to get injustice?

The parallels of false politically motivated trumped up charges of corruption are clear to all who wish to see truth from fictionalised charges of corruption.

Subheg singh was the one man army who did all those great deeds all by himself.

You alone say that ... i did not.

he should also be blamed for 1962 debacle then?

No Nehru should be blamed for that and Nehru's casteist nature of favouring his own caste and kin.

Bravehearts like Maj Shaitan Singh and his brave Kumonis (109 out of 123 died fighting Chinese troops who lost 1000 at Rezang La) of course died for some other country. same with Havildar Abdul Hamid who destroyed many Pak tanks single-handedly before being mortally wounded...

That's your viewpoint regarding the said soldiers. I have never expressed any negative comment upon such brave soldiers.

war was not won by his sacrifice but ONLY by Subheg singh

Nobody apart from you has implied such a ridiculous extrapolation.

who became a traitor for his personal grudge.

So opposing Indira's terrorist and anti-democratic corruption against ordinary Indians makes Shabeg Singh a traitor in your eyes?

Subheg singh the super warrior won all the battles for India or fought so valiantly in the battles india lost. The ultimate sacrifice made by the following Paramvir Chakar winners (most of them awarded the highest indian gallantry award posthumously) does not mean anything:

Nobody made the point you are accusing those that respect Sardar Kapur Singh's integrity of making.

Grow up bigots. shame on such degraded thinking.

So if anybody has a different opinion to you you label them as bigots ... ironic that you don't see your latent bigotry reflected in that!

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