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Science And Religion


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So then leave the analyzing bro, at least to an extent.

Everything starts and revolves aroud that Supreme Being Wahiguru, who is "aparam paar". The wonder of wonders.

Does not the Bani say: Sochay soch na hovaee, jeh sochay lakha vaar. He is nothing as such to be compared to in this world, either in the astral or causal spheres, so to say, to have and idea about Him.

As anything under analisis, is the job of the mind. And He is beyond that. So just leave everything, and jump in that Satnam Samundar.

Wahiguru Akal Purukh is something much more to be felt, than to be thought about.

Anyhow this is my humble personal thought.

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Sadly i am one of those guys who always try to look for science in religions...like trying to find reasons for every thing every religion ever path to god..though i knoe this can be my biggest barrier in spiritual progress

"If religion doesn't pass the test of science don't follow it" Dalai Lama

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Thing is, science is about hard cause and effect. Religion deals with the emotional, personal experience of life so science can be helpful to a certain extent but useless in much.

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Science first makes a hypothesis, it then attempts to prove this hypothesis by experimentation. If the hypothesis proves to be observable and measurable, it becomes accepted as scientific truth. Until someone else can prove its falsity through the same method. If we leave aside the fact of large corporations bribing scientists, science must always be continuously updated therefore the only constant is the scientific method itself. Which is itself an *idea* not itself accountable to scientific method.

The *idea* of the scientific method is accountable to a different disciple called 'metaphysics'. This name signifies 'above nature' or the subject of 'principles of order above the changing principle'. Or in Indian terms the knowledge of the effects of Purusha on Prakriti. (Experimental science only deals with Prakriti). This knowledge has traditionally been the domain of religion. Modern science has refused to accept this knowledge and calls it mumbo-jumbo.

Religion as the repository of the knowledge of the 'Effects of Purusha on Prakriti' is not limited to a subjective emotional experience but stands above all mundane knowledge and creates order within it. By mundane knowledge is meant history, politics etc.

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