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waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh gg...

I need advice as I am stuck in my life and not been able to find solution... With mehr of gurusahib am amrit dhari. am not been able to find job.. gave a lot of job exams but not been able to clear any. due to this am in huge stress since 3-4 years... then last month some body told me to recite more bani.. from last month I started doing sukhmani sahib daily. its been more than 40 days. along with nitnem.. now m afraid a lot don't know the reason behind it. on 18 am again waiting for my result of exam.. please guide me

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Simple apply for more jobs we can't deny discrimination doesn't take place but the based way to overcome a marginal chance is by increasing your chances by applying for more. The typical applicant doesn't apply for many, apply for many more there are amritdhari singh's working in various fields all over the world. The more jobs you apply for the better you will understand the market, the recruitment process, the interview process and all over be able to take advantage of the other factors to be a better candidate. A great candidate equals better return on investment and at some point even a discriminatory person can't look past that. Another thing about discrimination is the fact of prejudice, if you can stand out more of the crowd through deeper research into the organisation you apply for and show it in the interview you will be able to eliminate many prejudices setup and impress them. I will say use the time you have to research more and more into job hunting techniques many books have been written on it and you can buy or borrow books from libraries plus there is alot of material on the internet become very familar with it all.

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VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa

VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

Hi Raman,

I hope you have already found a job by now. If you have not I hope this is of help to you.

I was recently listening to katha of Chaupai Sahib on the youtube.com channel Basics of Sikhi. This is a great channel that Guru Ji introduced me to this year and thus has guided me on the path to Sikhi.

In the katha Jagraj Singh discussed the theme of WaheGuru Ji having all the power and being the only one who can do anything (I can't recall the exact terminology but you can watch it yourself if you wish (

thats video number 3 in the katha but I think he discussed it in video 2 or maybe 1).

What he said is you have to get rid of all your ego and believe only WaheGuru can do this for you. You have to do an Ardaas/Benti and say to God something along the lines of: "I have no power at all, only you have the power, only you can do this and I cannot do anything." Say whatever you feel ie make your request to Him accepting that you yourself have no power and thereby getting rid of your ego. Then you have to do the manual work yourself but knowing even though you may be physically doing the work its not you its WaheGuru that is doing everything. At the end you have to thank Him. If you get what you desired thank Him for it and if you don't get what you want then you have to say "It's your HUKAM/command that this was not meant to be" and you have to accept it.

Obliviously my knowledge is limited and I am only telling you what I have learnt and cannot explain it as well as the person doing the katha but if you can I would suggest you watch at least a couple of the katha videos to find out exactly what he said about this.

I hope what I have said makes some sense to you and helps you. If I can be of further help please let me know.

If I have said anything wrong or caused any offence as my knowledge is minimal please accept my humble apologies.

VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa

VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

For anyone in the west who is curious about Sikhi I would strongly suggest you have a look at https://www.youtube.com/user/basicsofsikhi it has helped me a lot and opened my eyes immensely. I thought I knew somewhat about Sikhi until I watched the videos and realised I didn't know anything.

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thanx mrsinghuk for reply.. but have not found any job yet.. tried some business and resulted in loss.. with mehr of god I do nitnem daily.. am not knowledgeable as you.. just tries what is listen from katha or different sources on internet.. my qualification is btech in electronics and telecommunication and also Microsoft technology specialist . then went NZ for higher studies specialising in networking and system analyst. every bdy over there was ready to give me job but as volunteer.. but need money to survive.. worked odd jobs some of them didn't pay me..when I tried jobs related to my field I was said you are over qualified. this went for 2 years then I came back india and tried jobs here and was told your nz qualification is not valid. was shocked to hear this. even tried govt exams but nothing was cleared.. its been 5-6 years of struggle and now its hard to fight.. at age of 28 got depression problem and you can understand other problems related to that.. met a brahmgiani near ludhiana and begged him but he simply replied path kro. nothing more than that. so now didn't find any solution just trying whats in my hand that is applying jobs and doing path.. one thing more recently happened I tried for call centre job and was rejected because employed told me you don't know English but when I appeared in ielts my score in speaking was 8.5 so I don't know how I don't know English/

with nitnem I also did sukhmani sahib and chaupai sahib when ever I get time and also chanting waheguru as done by akj because I listen them the most.. I don't know what to do next.. situation is like k now I don't want any thing from life just one job so that I can survive. I know its wrong but some time I like to do suicide when situation turns extreme..

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VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa

VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

Raman Brother,

Believe it or not we all suffer struggles but some more than others. I understand and appreciate you have suffered immensely and are still not past your struggles.

All I can say to you is what I said before, that being when doing your prayers do an Ardaas to WaheGuru Ji: "I have no power at all, only you have the power, only you can do this and I cannot do anything. WaheGuru Ji please help, its a matter of getting Roti to feed myself and my family and to survive. I am your child and need your help. If you did not write a good job in my kismat previously, you are the Master who can change or rewrite my kismat. Please have Daya on me." I would also suggest asking Him to bring you closer to Him spiritually and saying it from the heart. But whatever you say just say it honestly and with pure heart.

I cannot claim to have gone through what you are going through but we have had some big problems in our lives, many of which I experienced when I was still a child, including alcohol addiction & violence in the family as well as being targeted with black magic and some financial troubles. But WaheGuru Ji is great and He can see us through anything.

I don't know what the greater plan is but I do trust that His understanding and plan are far greater than our comprehension. We can only humble request. If you feel weak and have any such thoughts that's when you need to cry out to Him even more and say to Him, 'I am weak, I cannot cope, I need your support, your help. Please help me!' Just don't give up and don't lose hope.

Personally I find when I feel weak and that I want his support the Benti Chaupai Sahib paath is really helpful and really connects with me. My favourite version that I play and will pray/sing along to while expressing what I need to WaheGuru Ji is

It says exactly what I am feeling in those times of weakness ie

*Protect me with your own hands

*Know me to be your own and sustain me

*Destroy my enemies

*Protect me

*I salute only you.

Brother I don't know if my words will be of help to you. This is the first time I have been on this forum and came across your question. Maybe while searching for my own enlightenment WaheGuru Ji wanted me to get in touch with you and offer you the little knowledge I have (assuming it is correct ofcourse :) ). After all there are no coincidences, He knows what He is doing.

If you have any questions and I can help I will try.

VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa

VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

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than brother... for kind reply...don't know what to say ... just can do is request request and request... doing this from last so many years... I was here to find answers for find my solutions.. wandering for these ... but now m exhausted completely not didn't hope anything positive from life ... nitnem is my duty and doing that...

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Brother Raman,

enough of manmat, give a chance to Gurmat.

All our miseries are because we do things in our own way, not only that, but we also proudly tell others to do the same. It is like blind trying to guide blind.....moorakhs humans.

It is not your fault only. It is the fault of all of us, who inspite of knowing what the Bani says, still we do things, like the practitioners of other dharmas.

Just let us see, where does the Bani say, that in order to lighten one´s miseries, one should do other practices ?

I have just opened Sukhmani Sahib, and I am going to share with you real Gurmat:

ਸਿਮਰਉ ਸਿਮਰਿ ਸਿਮਰਿ ਸੁਖੁ ਪਾਵਉ

Simaro Simar Simar Sukh Paavo

सिमरउ सिमरि सिमरि सुखु पावउ

Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace.

ਕਲਿ ਕਲੇਸ ਤਨ ਮਾਹਿ ਮਿਟਾਵਉ

Kal Kalaes Than Maahi Mittaavo

कलि कलेस तन माहि मिटावउ

Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body.

One can clearly see, the Bani says, meditate on Him, and your worry and anguish shall run away, just as darkness with a ray of light. It does not say anything about any other practice, other than meditating on Him.

Now, one may ask: how to meditate on Him, if I have never seen Him? For that very reason and purpose, our Bani constantly throughout, mentions repeatedly, Nam Simran.

Doing Nam Simran, is as good as meditating on Him. That much simple. Our sikhee, sadly is subtley being modified, adulterated, twisted, and manipulated with our own manmat, many external factors are being introduced, and we are all keeping silent, without any even a slight protest ...we are so distracted looking at others, while our own house is being looted of its wealth, which is Truth, which is Nam, which is Shabad .......

Alas, this one Truth of Nam in Gurmat has been placed to a farther place out of sight, and rituals, rules, regulations, politics, external practices, bathings, pilgrimages and a big list alike have been brought into it .....

The Bani lays stress only on one thing Wahiguru and His Nam.

Read any Ang:

if the mind has to be subdued, the medicine of Nam is mentioned...

if the 5 vikaras are to be defetaed, Nam is the remedy....

If we want to obtain salvation, Nam is the solution....

If we want to reach Sach Khand, again Nam is the vehicle...

If we want to get rid of our desires, Nam is what we need...

If we want to merge and become one with Wahiguru, Nam is only what we need.

If we want to get rid from the fear of death and Yam Kal, we should hold on tight to Nam ....

If we want real knowledge, devotion, love for His Lotus Feet, Nam is to be sought .....

So if one sees with proper attention, if anything is to be spiritually achieved, our beloved Guru Sahibans throughout the Bani, have only recommended us to take Nam alone as our anchor.... so if we depend on anything else, or even give a slight look at anything else rather than Nam, we are doing a great unjustice to our Guru Sahibans and their teachings...

And going agianst Gurmat, in the end will only mean pain and misery for us, whether we accept it or not, whether we like it or not.

Our Guru Sahibans who are the embodiment of Akal Purukh are important, not we, moorakhs.

And respecting our Gurus, means, following their teachings implictly, without even changing or adding a comma... in this type of devotion to them and their teachings, lays our ultimate benefit, which is none other than, He Himself.


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VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa

VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

I do completely agree with Harsharan. My intention was not to offer some sort of ritual. From what I have learnt we should ask the Guru's advice in life ie get a Hukamnama and even take out our Haume (ego) from our lives and everything we do, therefore understand only He has any power to do anything and we have no power. My intention was just to promote this understanding and hopefully once Raman made his request to WaheGuru Ji with this in mind it would help.

My sincere apologies if I caused offence or if what I said came across other than it should have done. My own knowledge is very limited but just wanted to share the little that I have and thought it may help. He is our mother and father, if we cannot ask of Him who can we ask from?

Nothing is greater than Naam being said from the heart, for Naam is also Prayer. All truth is in His Name.

Thanks. God Bless.

VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa

VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

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Sat Sree Akal guys,

please do not feel sorry at all. My post was not directed to anyone in particular ....but just generally for the people.

It is just that I get bugged up and feel helpless, when I pitifully see, that Sikhee is so simple, and we are so entangled with this world and its customs, that instead of getting near Akal Purukh, we do all sort of other things and we get away from Him.

I am quite conscious, that maya ´s effects are devatsing in this part of the creation; but we too are no less, we are sikhs .... we have to become aware of our true nature, and do justice to our Guru Sahibans and to ourselves at the same time, by following implicitly the Bani.

And the Bani clearly says: Awar kaaj tere kiteh na kaam, mil Sadh Sangat bhaj kewal Naam.

Let us ponder a little bit on the line above, and ask ourselves, is this Truth so difficult to understand and follow?

Why have we complicated Sikhee so much, and with what right?

Who are we to manipulate the sacred words of our Guru Sahibans?

The Bani again says: Main andhule kee tek, Tera Naam adhaar.

We are all blind, and we have to get support on Naam, just as a blind man has the support on his stick to walk. Guru Sahiban, does not say any other thing to do to reach our True Home, but to exclusively hold tight to Naam Simran, to reach our goal, that´s it.

I think, rather I should ask maafee, from all of you by making you feel disturbed with my post, but believe me, it was not at all directed to you , but rather it was an sad expression of helplesness, when I see any brother / sister in such situations as mentioned by you above, or anyone getting away from Him, due to manmat of the majority.

Sat Sree Akal.

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sir what ever you are saying is absolutely correct.. but when we recieve failures from every side and every thing is vanishing day by day. and still not been able to find any solution.. then where should we find solution. being a gursikh person i am trying every thing what ever comes to my brain.. as somebdy told me to do sukhmani sahib daily and i did two sukhmani sahib daily apart from nitnem and chaupayi sahib about 10 times..i might be wrong .... i dont know and dont know what to do.. am asking how to find solutions in gurbani.... am i wrong..pls guide..

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We must keep in mind all times, that, before we were born, all our destiny was made, out of the storehouse of our very own karmas ....

In that way, we can not do anything, because so is written by us, by our own karmas, nobody is to be blamed for our shortcomings or misfortunes, miseries.....

The justice of the law of karmas, does not work according to our opinions or way of thinking, there is surely some goodness, some sort of evolution out of our sight .....

Karmas can not be changed, neither wiped away just like that ....otherwise what was the purpose of undergoing them.

But our kind Guru Sahibans, out of their tenderness and mercy upon us, do tell us, that all these miseries are due to the body, so if ever we want to make ourselves strong and fearless, to face bravely our karmas, the only thing we can do, is to associate oureselves with the One Fearless, all bliss and all Wisdom, which is none other that Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

Rather would say that by practicing that jugtee, He comes and abides within us.....

And that jugtee is none other, than His Naam Simran.

By doing this devotion, we elevate our soul consciousness to the higher levels of purity, and bathe there in Amrit Sar, within ourselves, thus by His Grace, we somehow mitigate the effects of our filthy karmas to an extent...

Sat Sree Akal,

may God bless you.

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