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Ex Nidar Singh Student Speaks Out

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I have much experience in Ninjitsu so decided to learn the art that Nidar Singh claims is a unique system.

At first I was intrigued in which the art was linked to historical events and traditions but soon after I left due to their corrupt nature. I have read many posts on here exposing Nidar Singh and his cult and what is being said is true.

There is no room for thinking for oneself, expression of oneself and people are constantly vilifed for their difference in views. One only needs to resort to the old Shastar Vidiya website to realise this.

I have left just over a year ago now and would like to say that it is a cult. The very same people he defames etc is the exact type of people he has turned into.

I can and will confirm that there is a convicted rapist that used to train with us at the Akhara but he is presently in prison.

His top students are known to be on intoxications such as cannabis however, Nidar Singh lets this slip as it is his 'top student'.

A note to the admin - This is real life, I am causing awareness through experience. I am simply stating fact for which I have solid evidence. This has also been taken to the police and this fanatical cult is under watch and investigation.

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Maybe use one of those ninja star shuriken things on him? You know one of these types of thing:


Actually, maybe not. I don't think it will get through his pagh.

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Whom is this nidar? I have observed many topics being opened on this issue over the past few months... Either someone has an agenda against this man (due to the different IDs posting the same rubbish) or clearly the poster has mental health issues due to the number of repetitive and lame posts. One suspects its both. Go and get yourself checked out if you are bipolar or what I suspect schizophrenia buddy.


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What I don't get is the logic:

Hypothetically -

I go somewhere to learn something.

I find that the teacher is a fudu, and chats a lot of sh1te.

I leave the place; making a mental note not to go there again.

What's even more retarded is the way the people who are accusing Niddar of this and that and try and 'cut him down to size', actually shoot themselves in the foot by raising up his profile!! The mind boggles......

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