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a SAAKHI a day, surely makes my day...

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Dear all,

I was wondering if anyone out there could do the sewa of posting regular (daily would be great) sakhis for the rest of the sangat to read. Reading a sakhi of the our Great Wonderful Masters does bright up my day. No doubt, they are wonderful lessons to be learnt on a daily basis as well.

Food for thought.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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One of my favorite Saakhis... Let us Listen to this Saakhi carefully and only then reply...

Wife of Bhai Mardana one day said that people living around their house always taunt her that your husband is always in the company (Sangiti) of a Hindu Fakir (Saint) Guru Nanak. Bhai Mardana said why dont you tell them that Guru Nanak is not a Hindu or a Muslim Fakir, HE is like a Sun that means HIS teaching are for everyone.

His wife said if He is for everyone then why does not HE ever come at our house to have a meal with us... thats becasue we are low-caste Maraasi. At this Bhai Mardana was really disturbed and asked her to prepare the meal and he was immediately going to Guru Nanak and invite him to come to our house. His wife said Guru Nanak would never come to the house of a Maraasi. Bhai Mardana angrily says "Taan pher eh yaari tuti samjho ! " (Then this friendship is over!)

Bhai Mardana immediately marched towards Guru Ji's place. He had taken just a few steps away from his house, he saw Guru Ji coming towards him. Bhai Mardana asked him the reason. Guru ji says "Chall bae Mardanayaa ajj tairae kar roti khaaiyae" (Lets us have a meal together at your place). These words restored the shaken faith of emotional Bhai Mardana and others.

So, what does this saakhi convey to us?

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It was in the town of Tulambe, where a man by the name of Sajjan used to

stay, that the Great Master put up for the night during his travels. This

place is now in the Pakistan city of Multan, between the Khanewal and

Makhdumpure stations.

At the time of the Great Master, this place was very popular with travelers

as it was on the main roads on the city. Some nice people of those times,

used to built small rest houses for the tired travelers to rest during the

night at all stretches of this area. Sajjan similarly had a small motel for

this purpose at the edge of the forest.

In the earlier days, Sajjan used to be a very kind hearted man and used to

take keen interest in the welfare of people all around him. This had earned

him great respect from people all over and they used to give him the title

of “Sheikh Ji”, which is still used for high officials of today.

But, the world is full of pit-falls. No one knows when a person strays away

from the right path and falls to evil practices. Doing great service to

humanity, sometimes, in the greed of money and position, people tend to

become bloodsuckers. This is exactly what happened to our friend Sajjan.

He used to provide excellent service to travelers to give them a wonderful

impression. Whenever a rich traveler used to come along, Sajjan would make

special arrangements for him and while the traveler slept, he would murder

the rich man and rob him of his possessions. Some traveler used to be taken

in by his humble and truthful-looking fake persona that they used to deposit

all their possessions with him before they went to sleep and then lose it

all at night.

This had been going on for quiet some time and then one day, teaching the

world and putting them on the right path, the Great Master came to his inn.

When Sajjan saw the Great Master, he was struck by the aura around the Great

Master and thought of him to be a rich man. In this wrong perception, he

tried to impress the Great Master with excellent service and great respect.

The Great Master had already explained all the fake dramas and gestures of

Sajjan to his fellow traveler, Bhai Mardana, who used to play the stringed

instrument as the Great Master sang, and had ordered him not to consume any

food from the inn. For this reason, when Sajjan brought many mouth-watering

servings of different delicacies, the Great Master and Bhai Mardana turned

him down.

When night fell, Sajjan coaxed the Great Master and Bhai Mardana many times

to rest and sleep, but the Great Master replied that they would only rest

after they had completed the task God had sent them to accomplish. Finally

having failed to convince them to sleep, he went to wait in the adjourning

room, thinking that once they fall asleep, he would go an murder them too

and take their possessions.

While waiting, Sajjan heard this hymn, “Oujl Kehha Chelkna Ghotem Kalari Ms”

being sung melodiously and he was shocked beyond words. This was because in

this hymn, the Great Master gave various analogies of Sajjan’s lifestyle and

sang about the herons who, in their white feathers dwell in the sacred

shrines of pilgrimage; but they tear apart and eat the living beings, and so

they are not called white !

Although he did not fully understand the whole hymn being sung, the keywords

struck him and he realized that the Great Master was singing about his evil

lifestyle. He got up and went into the Great Master’s room next door and sat

down to listen closely.

As he listened further to the God-sent hymn, he realized that these

travelers were no ordinary beings and they knew all his dark secrets. He

fell at the feet of the Great Master, wept and asked for forgiveness.

The Great Master then explained to him the significance of Human Birth and

explained that it was a great opportunity to serve mankind and God and do

good deeds and then achieve salvation. Sajjan sat and listened to the

teachings of the Great Master and from then on starting leading a life of

good principles based on the teachings of the Master.

In this way, the Great Master instilled him in the correct Way of life and

made him the lead preacher of that area to spread the good values to all

around him.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

awesome topic...i love saakhis!! I heard this one at gurudwara one time and it's soo deep so i thought i'd share.... :sikhiwink1:

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was standing by some river one time and 3 other Sikhs were with him. Standing on the bank of the river, Guru Ji was tossing a little rock from one of his hands to another...he did this for a little while. At one point, the rock fell from Guru Ji's hands and into the water..and duh, it sank. :)

Guru Ji asked one of the 3 Sikhs why the rock sank...

He said that was so because the rock is heavier than the water around it so it sank!

Guru Ji asked the 2nd guy the same quesiton and he replied...

The water has a lot of haumai so it can't stand anything that floats on it...

Then Guru Ji asked the 3rd Sikh, Bhai Dya Singh Ji, the same question and Bhai Sahib Ji said...

I can only think of one reason why the rock sank: because it left Your hands.


Guru Ji embraced Bhai Dya Singh Ji and asked him to pray that may he (Guru Ji) never leave Akaal Purakh's hands.....


waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

chardee kalaa!!

keep the saakhis coming.. :sikhiwink2:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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