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Sri Gur Panth Parkash, controversy?


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Dear SA,


As per requested by paapi to make a new topic so this can be discussed. I have seen a few posts which state parts are over exaggerated/false...1) could we discuss which ones. 2) what makes them false ?3)comparing,if there is any other sources on the same episode.


Many thanks



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Quickly, I'd say the main 'controversies' today would include:


References to Singhs sacrificing a bull as an aid in war.

Making devi manifest as an aid to the Khalsa and its mission.

The suggestion that Raja Janak was the previous incarnation of Baba Nanak.

The consumption of narcotics as a relaxant and aid to war by Singhs.

The portrayal of Banda Singh.

There are other instances (in volume 2 of Kulwant Singh's translation) that highlight arguably cruel retaliation by the Khalsa to their foes. 

Some fudhoos even get upset by the occasional use of coarse language in the text, i.e. 'gandoo' is used a few times.


If you can read Panjabi this is illuminating:



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Fascinated? lol. low standards

​Why do you feel that way? 

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