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Jawaddi Taksal interesting collection of pothis and manuscripts


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Nice share!


I notice they have Prem Sumarag dated 1815.

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Jawaddi is amazing. 

​I agree they seem to be all doing right things, away from politics...jawadai is like bhindran taksal - taksal without dirty politics/hostile elements baggage.

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The true damdami taksal is still the best place to learn cause that's the puratan samprada. There are offshoots that people can go to and learn. There are many places in moga area and a place in sangrur and few other places. 

Jawaddi is great but many kathavachaks from there try to emulate gyani pinderpal Singh. 

I have close relations to jawaddi and I can only say praises with what sant Amir Singh is doing there.

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If a person wants to learn try finding a Singh who was taught by sant gyani gurbachan Singh.

​Sant inderjit singh ji raqbe wale comes to mind, they are quite approachable. This singh from mangalcharan.com spent quite sometime with them at scarbrough gurdwara in toronto. Here is their latest video-



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