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Sikhs destroying a place of worship, is this Sikhism?

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My understanding is that a fake cemetery samadh was newly constructed on communal village land in order to fraudulently extract donations from innocent villagers. After the land was shown not to belong to the Muslim Pakhandi who devised the fake cemetery samadh scam, I believe innocent villagers rightfully exposed the fake cemetery samadh for being what it was in accordance with the law.

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See  through context/story is required in this type of videos. We can no longer walk in with sense of entitlement make these type of videos smashing property without any context or story explanation in the video. We do realize when other people or media see this, they will eat us alive (our image) with their own narratives right? cannot really blame them..there is hardly context to go by... Our people need to be reminded don't assume everything is fine and out here in media, international stage and ask them whats at stake here and to see bigger picture? Whilst, western sikhs like all of us work our asses off build a positive image of sikhs for most part away polar opposite of what american people see turban and beard associate us islamic fanatic /right wing jihadi/isis goons...these people in the video smashing properties take a imagery of peaceful sikhs turn it into violent group without context and pretty much reinforces negative stereotypes out in west many people have after seeing sikhs fighting among themselves in international media.

I understand out in india things are pretty wild as cops don't do anything, its all force and mob tyranny outlaw rule but these type of videos which are shot in india in my opinion should stay in india, problem isn't with act so much as i said things in india are pretty wild but the problem is all this shit happening in india recorded in video is flying over here via social media inadvertently advertently has a potential to radicalize youths here..Whilst we may not see direct evidence of this right now but further down in road ..we might see effects of such videos on sikh youth mind. It's always good to be proactive and preventive rather than reactive and then too after storms passes.

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Mr. Singh got it right it is a fake samadh...constructed for money minting ..innocent villagers get trapped into false testimonies.

If this is something Sikhs were doing then the biggest challenge currently is the mazar of mastan pir in Nakodar if i get the name right ..they are inviting all the famous singers and have trapped gurdas mann who is now like there their brand administrator ..

Have the Sikhs caused any harm to Nakodar ? No. Then why should we blame such incidents ..the singhs in that video/pics are possibly from the satkaar committee .They have destroyed false mandars and samadhs and even confiscated Guru Granth sahib from such pakhandis who have asked for apologies confessing their actual motive.

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Looks like the so-called Sikhs against religious fundamentalism are liberal Sikhs who rather than putting forward the truth about these events are just putting up videos in order to invite a negative reaction from other liberals. Either they are so intent on seeing extremism where no exists or they are playing to the agenda of non-Sikh players in order to malign Sikhs. I suggest that if they are truly against extremism they should concentrate on the extremism that has enslaved thousands of Yazidis in Iraq and not the non-event of Sikhs destroying the cash cow of a Muslim scamster. Maybe they should also remove the video which has probably presented a totally unwarranted image of the Sikhs to non-Sikhs. With 'sikh' activists like Sikhs against religious fundamentalism do we need enemies? 

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funny :) The destruction of mandars and mazars is being defended by the so-called liberals sikhs. An illegal gurdwara has been bulldozed in Delhi and there has been so much noise by the Sikhi de thekedars.

May be those mandirs/mazars were "illegal" as you put it? In any case, no religious place of worship should be destroyed (try telling that to the Indian army!). However, fake samadhs/deras made for the sole purpose of misleading the public should be dealt with accordingly.

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