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Rename Sikhawareness as Brahmanwaad Ver 2.0


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You will not like me after reading this.

If God grant me one wish, I would ask God to not let any humans (Sikhs, non-Sikhs, anyone) to join this forum.

Seriously, because only thing I see and read in this forum is nothing but Brahmanwaad Ver 2.0.

Everyone, except few people like @CdnSikhGirl, are doing nothing but just ripping apart Sikhi.

The Sachi-Suchi Practical, Heuristic, Realistic and Simplistic philosophy of Guru Nanak Ji is nowhere seen here. All Guru ji lived a normal human life doing all functions which a normal human do, but the only thing that differentiates them was their VIRTUES. They had the Gyaan. They had all the VIRTUES such as Charity,compassion, courage, courteousness, diligence, discipline, empathy, endurance, fairness, faith, fidelity, forgiveness, fortitude, generosity, honesty, honor, hopefulness, hospitality, humility, impartiality, innocence, integrity, joy, kindness, mercy, modesty, morality, patience, peacefulness, perseverance, prudence, purity, purposefulness, respectfulness, self-discipline, sincerity, sympathy, temperance, thankfulness, trustworthiness, truth, wisdom etc. which a human of high moral standard should possess.

They lead a normal life but it was a life of SIGNIFICANCE, and they lived a practical life to teach and make us understand. They showed us ways by setting example for us in every aspects of life.

Guru Nanak Ji didn't perform any magic shows to attract people during their udasis (trips). It was the GYAAN, the Reformed and Revolutionized KNOWLEDGE, which people got attracted to. What I see in this forum is only the  ALIF-LAILA version of Sikhi. Behind every action there is some supernatural and mystical things associated to it.

As long as sex is concerned, what Guru ji taught was simple.
Having sex with neighbor's wife makes us a bad Human (or for that matter not even a Human), and on the other side having sex with our own wife and being loyal and faithful makes us a good Human. Simple as that, period.
What I see in this forum is whole mystical thing revolving around whether Guru Ji had sexual intercourse or not. Was our Guru ji aliens? Why would they not have sex with their wives? What's wrong in that? This is how all humans are born. Nobody is ever born in this world without it.

Having children without sex doesn't makes our Guruji great, it's the Loyalty, Trust and Faithfulness that makes them Great.

I was happy initially when I joined this forum but now I would never want anyone to see what's going inside this.

I know, now people will start bashing me.

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