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Types of Sleep

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I've really been confused about this topic for the past few weeks so I thought I would ask about it. I tried looking through other topics but because my knowledge/terminology is limited I kept getting even more confused. Could someone help me understand what the types of sleep are?


I commonly drift into a sleep where there is complete stillness and peace but many gurmukhs have said to try and stay awake/focus on jaap. I recently came across this video and it gives a decent explanation of what happens: 



But my question is - is any spiritual progress being made in this sleep? Why don't I hear anything in this sleep? What has to occur on a sukham level for sound to arise? I think the main confusion has to do with the fact that the mind is "still" (while in that sleep) but there is no sound - But I thought sound would be heard when the mind is still. Many other sounds are heard outside of sleep but none of them are true shabad. 


Just as an FYI - these are just questions that I keep having and want to clear them up. I'm not trying to stay in sleep for long periods of time. It happens frequently but I go back to gurmantar as soon as I'm awake. 

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