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Leaving the Baha'i faith


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  I really enjoyed our conversations here ealier. So much so it caused a crisis of faith. Bahais believe in the unity of religions and that God has spoken thru messengers. Yet they don't count the Sikh Gurus as one of them. I think that you can ever put God is a box. His revelation appears where and when He wants it to. He is more generous than we can comprehend.

  So I'm not primarily identifying as Baha'i anymore. I realised i have a deep desire to not reject the faith of anyone and not to deny God's presence in many places it can be found.

I guess I'll become a Unitarian Universalist or something.

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8 hours ago, MysticMonist said:

I guess I'll become a Unitarian Universalist or something.

You will have to stick to one path (major religion), if you want to move ahead in spirituality. Once you can see the destination or have reached it, well then the paths won't matter much.

My recommendation would be Sikhism as it is similar to Unitarian Universalism.


Bhul chuk maaf

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