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Can Amritdhari marry Non amritdhari? Lets Discuss?


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I wanted to start an open discussion if amritdhari can marry non amritdhari? As general rule,  as per maryada we are all told No which is fine as there has to be principle and rules-rehit in sikhi otherwise people will walk all over it.

However, this is not clear cut issue. It's not a rule written on a stone, its assessed case by case basis by panj pyares, panj pyares are authority not single sikh who can impose/enforce such a blanket role on all.

I believe strongly one should not hide or withhold information from masses as many christians have done to control the masses and sway them in one dimensional thought process or direction.

At the end, i want provide some references from sant singh maskeen talking about this so i m not pulling stuff from thin air:

1. Sant Singh Maskeen katha on can someone take amrit without their partner.


2. I personally know malton gurdwara- taksali gurdwara-senior panj pyares might allow one to take amrit without their partner, again this is assessed individual to individual case basis, where panj pyares will interview both jivs, person who is not ready to take amrit will be encouraged highly to take amrit, they be given benefits of amrit in gristh jevan how gristhi jevan both wheels (partners) have to aligned and similar in life style.

 At the end, its left to person who is not amritdhari to make decision. If yes, thats great, both are given amrit, if not, one person who is ready given amrit.

Along with malton taksali gurdwara, nanaksar gurdwara allows it. In India, hazoor sahib allows it where bibi is given kirpan da amrit.

Your thoughts? All views, polarizing ones, all views are welcome as always.

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2 hours ago, sarabatam said:

panj pyares are authority not single sikh who can impose/enforce such a blanket role on all.

Panj Pyare would be the best option for advise, if a person is confused on whether to marry a non-Amritdhari or not.

Ideally, an Amritdhari must marry another Amritdhari. But, it is very much possible that you might not find a match, or you might like/love someone who is non-Amritdhari (and is not willing to take Amrit right away).

Another option, if faced with such a dilemma would be to take a Hukamnama (after a Paath ceremony) from Maharaaj and follow orders.

It is possible that by marrying a non-Amritdhari, your family might become a conduit for the other family (Non-Amritdhari) to Sikhi. As it says in Gurbani,

ਮੰਨੈ ਪਰਵਾਰੈ ਸਾਧਾਰੁ ॥

The obeyer of the Lord's dictates reforms his kith and kin.


Bhul chuk maaf

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I can't comment on the question. What I will say is, our people are never happy. 

It is very well known that our women have a problem with turban men. Only because of western ideals of beauty...These same women who would shun a dhariwala singh are falling at their feet for goreh with beards. 

I personally know Many "Sikhs" who cut their beard and slander guru roop.yet these are the same cowards a few years later grow their beard to fit in with this style/trend.

Sorry for being off topic.

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