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Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

Wazir Khan

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5 hours ago, sarabatam said:

@dalsingh101 love your views on this ? 😀

I'll try and watch it in the next few days. Hope it's not pedestrian! lol The videos seem longish. 

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On 1/27/2018 at 4:14 PM, Wazir Khan said:


Just watched this. First thing: I bet you that women wants to shag this man after speaking to him......lol

I don't know where to start regarding the arguments. I think, any highly intelligent gora, with critical intellectual faculties is going to see that their own society is at some bizzare point where the emasculation of males is causing havoc, especially in male-female relationships. Most aren't 'combative'  enough (to use his own phrasing), to admit to this or openly express it, but I'm pretty sure a lot of them are feeling this way. I know a recent conversation I had on a building site with some physically and mentally strong, young working class English men echoed this. They were (and this was indirectly expressed) lamenting the lack of readiness of the current generation of their males for war and conflict (in comparison to the generations that have recently preceded them). Given the social and political situation in England today (especially London), this is not some irrational concern in my opinion. (Just as a quick aside, it's fascinating to note that Giani Gian Singh was making analogous comments on the state of Sikh men comparing those that came before annexation and those that followed. He lived through both periods so his opinion would be informed).

From another perspective, I know plenty of ethnic females from my generation  who are quite successful in their professional lives, who I know feel they have inadvertently missed the boat for marriage and children as a consequence of their relentless, focused drive in their chosen careers. I know these women feel deeply empty (and even envious of some of their other female friends who didn't choose this route - despite often huge differences in pay cheques). The truth is that these ambitious women never chose this predicament but their focus on work seems to have somehow made them oblivious to where they would end up until it was too late. And before anyone asks, it IS different for men because of obvious biological differences and the plain fact that female evolutionary psychology dictates that many societally desirable, young attractive women will actually accept much older, powerful, successful men, regardless of their looks, seeing them as highly functioning resources (look at Trump and his missus..... and there are plenty more to add to that list!). On that last point, as Sikhs we should carefully heed one of the messages of Charitrio Pakyaan on this very subject, which warn us of how such trophy wives are inclined to wander when they subsequently encounter other more younger, physically robust successful men. A perfect real life example of this is how the wife of that twat Rupert Murdoch jumped on Tony Blair's d**k.

One criticism I have of this fellows argument however is that his criticism for communal identity is driven by the fact that he (in my opinion) is speaking from the position of being a part of a increasingly waning and directionless society (the white western one). I do strongly identify as Sikh and I still see nothing but possibilities for the community in future (if correct decisions are made and if we re-establish and maintain this 'combativeness' that used to characterise our ancestors). He is right to highlight how, amongst men (when all things are stripped down), things (in the end) hinge on a physical basis. I think dasmesh pita also believed this, hence his VERY strong emphasis and actual actions to encourage his Sikhs to be proficient in this very department (with conspicuous success until recent times).

Hope this makes some sense? 

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