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Guru Gobind Singh ji's advice to Rai Singh (from Chaupa Singh Rehatnama)


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Interesting sakhi from an extant Chaupa Singh rehit (translation by Hew Mcleod):



Once in S. 1759 (1702 A.C) [there occured the following incident]. The annual gathering to celebrate Baisakhi had been held and the naqib had been instructed to announce that everyone should go home. The naqib announced in a loud voice that the Supreme Master had instructed all to return to their homes. Hearing the announcement all who were assembled there duly dispersed. All departed except for a Khatri called Rai Singh. The naqib reported [to Guru Gobind Singh] that the gathering had dispersed but that one participant, Rai Singh, still remained.

"If you want to be a faithful Sikh [obey my command and] go to your home,' [the Guru] said to him.

"My Lord," he answered, "I have remained here because I have abandoned my home. How can I be a faithful Sikh in my home when I have no home?"

"Only at home can you be a faithful Sikh, not here," said [the Guru. "This is no place for you at present.] You are a literate person, one who knows Persian, whereas here our business has to be war. Because of the designs of [evil] people I must bring about a time of tumult (raula), for only thus can our ends be attained. [in such circumstances you will be a hindrance.] When you witness the turmoil you will think up all sorts of suggestions concerning the way this should be done and that should not be done. You will say, "The Master has made a mistake."

"[instead of flinging yourself in combat] you will sit and listen to what others say. You will think, you will observe and you will make calculations. But we shall be in the midst of tumult and when the panth is plunged into tumult it has to fight! If all is calm [my] Sikhs will stay at home and there fall prey to excessive affection for family and possessions. But now, in the coming tumult, there will be no such distractions." And so [the Guru] sent [Rai Singh] home.

Page 191 - internal book numbering


Original text:


Complete book available here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/251660050/The-Chaupa-Singh-Rahit-Nama-Translation-by-Hew-McLeod


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What i get out of it is that not everyone has and will have the same role or personality to accomadate a respective responsibility.

some will be warriors while some are more delegators. More straightforward and brunt while some are sensitive and creative.

we shouldnt just say youre a khalsa so you should be this manly fearless warrior but understand that they could have a skillset that could help

finally it shows that we should obey guru sahibs hukam because its for our best and it brings us closer to them even though it means what we should do seems paradoxical to that

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