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Apologies for may be posting in wrong section, is there anyone who would like to do simran in the morning but couldn't get out out bed because of kalyug?


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4 hours ago, Kaur1510 said:

my background is from nearby area of Rara Sahib. My mom must had darshan of baba ji many times for sure as my maasi tells me she attended Sant ji's diwans many times.  I always visit rara sahib to pay my respects whenever i visit india.  I must have had darshan of Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji, i remember once i was very unwell and mum took me to Rara Sahib. I was very young but do remember it was Baba ji sitting on the chair and the sangat was sitting around them on the floor. My mom told Baba ji about me but don't remember exactly what Baba ji said.


Waheguru thats really good bhen ji that your mother had darshan of Baba Ji and had a chance to listen to their deewans. 


My grandma took my dad and his brother to Baba Jis deewan in the uk back in 1974/1975.


It is a once in a lifetime chance experience to see a mahapush like Baba Isher Singh Ji as i remember a family friend who had health problems i think went to meet baba ji after their deewan and fell on their charan and started to cry asking for help. Baba ji was never late for a deewan so they took him into a room and put their hand on his head for 20/25mins and asked one of their sewadars to leave the room. 


My friend described it felt like aag being released when baba ji was holding their hand on his head and that he closed his eyes and started to do paath whilst this was happening.


Its really good bhen ji that you vist Rara Sahib Karamsar Gurudwara as it was named after Baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan Wale as Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib,Baba Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib are from Bhai Daya Singh Ji Samprada

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