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all politicians and crooked people have their eyes on this particular temple.

1 trillion dollars (maybe more) priceless jewels, gold and diamonds have been found deep underground in its vaults.

hindu temples and their donations need to be returned to the Hindus it should not be taxed just like the Christians, muslims and Sikhs. We want to expand, renovate and create new temples. 

a major mass movement is about to begin soon within hindu society to get these temples back. 





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People from the government who were down in the deep caverns describe tons of gold rice, tons of gold rope several meters long, nepoloeonic coins, Venetian jewelry, emeralds the size of ostrich eggs, diamond belts, rare gold statues. Most bizarre were mummies probably of priests that died. 

Scientists suspect there may more vaults going down even further. 

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Hindu temples were the target of invaders from time immemorial because some held massive amounts of wealth as proven.

the internal debate of what to do with this wealth is ongoing in Hindu society. 

There are people who want to use this wealth to uplift all indians regardless of caste or religion. The other side says hindu donations for Hindu causes only that is what the other religions would do.

the third side says leave it as it is.

the priests of these temples want to leave it alone and are adamant citing these are sangats donations trusted to us over 500 years. 

They refuse to open the last door.


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