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Boris the clown lol


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4 hours ago, sarabatam said:

What a wank job you've got Brits <img src="><img src="><img src=">


Behind the comical bull5hit façade, he's actually dangerous. Pandering to racist working class whites.  

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1 hour ago, dalsingh101 said:

Look, he's been fantacising about being the next Winston Churchill since young. He's made a few gaffes in articles he wrote for the Spectator.  But more than this, is the feeling you get in england these days. 

Tories always seem to play around with the race card. Dog whistling. Whenever they are in power, street level racists get emboldened. 

That's not to say I think Labour are worth shyte these day either. 

Where are you btw? 


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