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Jailed: Chadwell Heath man who hid sawn-off shotgun in his bedroom

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Jailed: Chadwell Heath man who hid sawn-off shotgun in his bedroom

Published: 6:16 PM December 21, 2021

image.png.10db840abcdef70a28e4860c37cf4f33.pngimage.png.6a65def4f867bffd1e00bc233ee63090.pngPawandeep Sandhuimage.png.328f7bd71b4e14be33c4533db67b1941.png


Pawandeep Sandhu, 22, of Freshwell Avenue, Chadwell Heath was jailed for six years for possession of a prohibited firearm. - Credit: Met Police



A Chadwell Heath man who hid a sawn-off shotgun in his bedroom at his family home has been jailed.

On June 30, Pawandeep Sandhu was searched for weapons by officers at Seven Kings Park after he and two other men had made off from police.

The 21-year-old was found to have £492 in cash, an iPhone 8, a car key and other personal items on him.

A machete and two lock knives were found in the area of the park where they had previously been seen.

Later that day, when police searched Sandhu's family home, they uncovered a single-barrelled, 12-bore folding shotgun which had been shortened at the barrel and the stock in the bottom drawer of a wardrobe.

This “sawn-off” shotgun was test-fired and found to be in working order and capable of causing lethal injuries. 

A black carrier bag containing 37 shotgun cartridges - live and suitable for use with the sawn-off shotgun - was also found, according to the Met. 

A further 13 shotgun cartridges were hidden in a sock and there were another 11 in a jacket pocket.

Police say they also found two Samurai swords, a metal safe containing bundles of cash in UK and foreign currency, a cardboard box of blank ammunition, a skeleton-type face mask, a black body armour vest, black gloves and a lock knife.

When interviewed, Sandhu claimed he had only had the items for two to three weeks at the order of an unknown man.


However, his mobile phone records suggested otherwise, and Sandhu confirmed he was the only person to use the device.

A video on his phone, dated March 2 last year, featured Sandhu and what appeared to be the same sawn-off shotgun.

He was charged with possession of a shortened shotgun on July 1. 

Sandhu, of Freshwell Avenue, was sentenced to six years behind bars on December 20 at Snaresbrook Crown Court for one count of possession of a prohibited firearm.

He was given an extra three months, to be served consecutively, for a previously suspended sentence for possession of a knife.

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36 minutes ago, Premi said:

Sociopath eyes ?

Hard to tell. If that's a mug shot, he might have had all sorts of things going on in his head when the photo was taken. 

Anyone of us could have a photo done where we'd look like sociopaths. Actually, just interacting with them and having to figure out what they are (i.e. having to think like them) is probably enough to make a person's eyes look sociopathic.

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