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On 5/18/2022 at 12:25 AM, sarabatam said:

Have you heard apna gurpdeep bhandar - he is bhangra instructor- twitter sensation- He also lives in cabin surrounded by mountains  in Yukon.




This guy gets ripped on SS. lol!!!

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On 5/18/2022 at 12:23 AM, sarabatam said:

My kinda life style-lol i..Nah just like concept, i am already tired looking at it., Seems so much hard work..i couldnt find in the video where in canada they have place off the grid....seems somewhere in  bc?

I have to give it up to that bloke, he properly works his janani! And (at least on camera) she seems to be a soldier - no complaining. 

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42 minutes ago, dalsingh101 said:

I get what you are saying and am a nature lover myself. Problem with Gurdeep is that his actions are perceived differently in different places. In the UK he would be seen as a simple, clownish character by many. Plus there is that stereotype that leads to these types of caricatures for apnay. These perceptions affect how people see you in various places, especially tougher places. Plus young kids watching often get confused and think this dancing is somehow related to their dharam. 


Agree when I first saw him around 6 months ago that I thought it was ‘okay’. 
And what he does is good exercise, lol !

But I think he is taking it too far and should  be more clear to his viewership about the difference between Sikhs and Panjabi culture 

In the short term it might help people identify Pagri-wearing Sikhs in a good light and differentiate them from negativity associated with other communities. 

But yes, in longer term I think it is a negative and some impressionable kids will prefer this aspect of their (cultural) rather than religious identity .

And have to be careful that like in India, in the longer term Westerners will associate us with Panjabi ‘balle balle’ and jumping shoulder movements and take the p***. This already happens in the UK

Also, as much as I am naive compared to someone like @dalsingh101, the Canadians here on SA seem to be collectively much more naive about some ‘street’ issues than UK-waley and even US-waley. 

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