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Mosques and faith schools can bid for funding to boost security

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2 hours ago, proudkaur said:

Sikhs need to understand this.... That the west isn't what we think it is. Their interests lie with those that have money. Instead of looking towards the west we need to start looking for allies in the East....... Could be China.The USA will always be allied with India and back it up to counter check China. Same with UK and those other western countries. Sikhs dont understand this and think these countries will help them with a free homeland lol. Just look what Boris Johnson said on his trip to India. Will they say this while going to the Middle east? No they need that oil and resources. Sikhs offer nothing.Our people have no understanding of the world and think these western countries are shining lights of human rights and righteousness lol. We need to think politically and understand which countries in the future could Sikhs have some alliances with over mutual interests....

Those of us who have half a brain and have grown up in the west know the truth. 

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13 minutes ago, dalsingh101 said:

The truth is that only those who are inimical to India and would want to cause it trouble by breaking it up would ever want to do this. And even then, they would just be using us as proxies, they wouldn't actually be allies. 

On twitter someone was discussing how an India with a very powerful defense is very important to the USA to counter China. And that China long ago talked about plans of disintegrating India. Like I said people need to be smart and see through what is happening. Why USA considers India as a very important partner. Why USA is providing India with arm deals and defense tech. Is it to develop India? No they dont give a fck about India developing or its poor starving people. Their main aim is an India with a powerful defense. Why? It all points to China.

These western countries , their aim is not to help countries like India develop but to use them for their own purpose. Why did USA help japan and korea. What is the relationship between japan and china? Good or bad. Like I said Sikhs need to be smart and understand these western countries dont give a fck about us. You can have alliances over common goals. Just like USA is using India. USA will not let India break apart as it needs it to exist in that region to counter China. Why is UK making all these deals with India?

Sikhs think these western countries will provide them justice lol like they gave Israel to Jews. This is our level of thinking. Do we think that they got Israel due to human right issues lol. The day Sikhs realise that none of these so called countries are for human rights but they run according to money only then we can somehow think of what to do next. Khalistan is literally not possible as of now. The USA does not want India to break. Who wants India to break? We need to think instead of wasting our money resources and time going to these western organizations like UN. These people are probably laughing at us.

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