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@Premi You asked, on the topic of harmonium being phased out of the Paanth. 

"Is that enough time for someone who has been using other recognised instruments for their whole working life, to learn another instrument ?"

I think so. In fact I think it could be effected in six months or less. I think the three years is more for the mind and pocketbook to adjust than the musical side of things. 

If you handed the Kirtanis the correct insturments, it shouldn't pause the Shabad Kirtan at all. They just keep doing the tabla and Gurbani and add simple stringed insturments the first month, and get more complex quickly as they learn. 

Many many many pop and rock bands have proven one needs very little actual experience or knowledge to do a few repetitive things in a scale that are appealing enough to hear as the message is delivered. 

Replacing harmonium is also easy because it currently adds so little in the music structure. 

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13 minutes ago, Premi said:

Think you’ve gone off topic…lol

i guess musically skilled people can learn stuff easily 

Is this the handball you are referencing ?


or ‘Wallball’ ?


Yes. Here the analogy is that you and I get to discuss things from ss, bouncing it off the wall here, and I don't have to step on that half the court. Lol. 

We're doing wallball version. 

One I prefer to generate content here, and two I'm not hampered by a hobble. 

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On 5/29/2022 at 12:41 PM, Premi said:

I heard it was popular in the streets of NY when Mafioso like Sammy Gravano were growing up

Did you see about Ray Liotta?

There used to be a game we played as kids called 'slap-ball' - it was like tennis against a wall.  

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Another one was 'sting-ball'.


Guys would line up against a wall and someone would throw a ball at them as hard as possible. The smart move was to cover your boat-race and tuttay with your hands. lol

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