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Well that backfired! Indian minister, 48, drinks dirty water from 'holy' river polluted with sewage to show locals it's safe... before he's rushed to hospital after falling ill

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tone101, Observerton, Denmark, 5 hours ago

These people seriously need an education in which a photocopier is not involved in the final exam. 


Oldvalues, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

Clearly, a highly intelligent man, well suited to rule.


Youknowyourabogan, Melbourne, Australia, 7 hours ago

Poor guy. Everyone in the world knows not to drink that water but him.


visionary007, bournemouth, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

So now the public can be sure the rivers water is not drinkable.

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Tcob, Anywhere Uk, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

I needed a laugh today thank you DM.

Julido59, The Free State of Florida, United States, 4 hours ago

I feel worse for thge folks who decided to do the same after they saw him do it.

Olschool, San Antonio, United States, 4 hours ago

In India even if you buy bottle water at a small store you have to turn in upside down and slightly squeeze it to see if they try and trick you because sometimes they super glue the cap back on but it will always leak.

Howie D, Manchester, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

Are they not dead bodies, ashes, sewage etc in that water 

ErIichBachman, Palo Alto, United States, 4 hours ago

You can't make this stuff up... LOL!!!

Sablera, Reading, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

Just demonstrates, yet again, that you need less than half a brain cell to be a politician these days

Logicthewise, Beer can, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

You couldn't make it up!

Oskai, imber, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

What a country

smariel, New York, United States, 4 hours ago

Well, in the end he did everyone a service by proving, very publicly, not to drink it. lol 

John Jackal, Nor Cal, United States, 5 hours ago

Having been to India many times for work and seeing what goes on there in the waterways I threw up a bit watching him drink that. You might as well dip a cup in a porta potty and take a swig. The only difference is the porta potty would have some disinfectant.

Inthecountry, Warminster, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

Showing the "upside" of colonialism. 

katya, mugla, 5 hours ago

Omg I literally laughed aloud 

GCFalkirk, Falkirk, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

Not the brightest move then! 

Schickofit, Stafford, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

If you look in the dictionary for the word "stupid" it says "see him".

benito69, El Paso, United States, 5 hours ago

That is beyond stupid.... 

Jockspock, Halifax, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

If you see this guy working behind a bar, give the drinks a miss. 

NoNever, Somerset, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago


Usa1978, Usa, United States, 5 hours ago

You just cannot fix stupidity 

John, London, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

And this man is trusted to be Chief Minister of such a large region? He shouldn't be allowed to operate a toaster unsupervised 


HypocrisyDestroys, HumanHypocrisyDestroysMuch, United States, 6 hours ago

Smaller country than China packed with far more people, where the majority of the worlds textiles are made, with nil/no more than needed pollution regulation and millions without modern plumbing and water treatment facilities. All hail their disgusting wealthy killing and sickening their own slave labor forces /people. The wealthy, whose very decisions anywhere in the word prove to cause the very impoverished problems they sneer/laugh at or ignore. 

bigrockomama, Mexico City, Gambia, 6 hours ago

Pure buffoonery 

Vicky, London, 6 hours ago

Brain cells 

null, 6 hours ago

Genius lol 

Kris-belg, London , United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

He clearly didn't become minister because of his intellect 


Savannah8, Nashville, United States, 6 hours ago

Hahahahaha. You cant make this up! 

Not God, Toronto, Canada, 7 hours ago

He was a comedian before he became Chief Minister. Drama king of the world.

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On 7/24/2022 at 3:52 AM, paapiman said:

This event is an international humiliation for our Panth. CM also has a Turban on, which makes the humiliation even more worse.

What was he thinking?


Bhul chuk maaf

Judging mainly by the eyes? "Omg, I hope I don't die. If I pull this off the political butter from this is gonna be thiiiickkkk boy. Please don't die...please don't die"


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