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Irish Cops


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Figured out why irish people only looked soooo... familiar to me. 

I always said I was black irish, which my family oral tradition defined long before pop culture and science caught up with it. 

Come to find out, my paternal haplogroup isn't those we think of as irish today, but the original celts, the actual black skinned blue eyed people the irish joined tribes with. The original "irish". 

So I'm both the actual black and irish parts of black irish and descended from both tribes. 

Now my irish grandmother's maternal dna? Black egyptian gypsies. The roma that came and created the pikeys after being displaced from the ancient middle east. Add enough r haplogroup dna and a long time? You get my pasty self looking at other irish wondering why you only feel mostly related. 

Thank you ss for being so racially appropriate when I was there. Lol. 

Most people look at the surviving irish, scottish and bretonic welsh and don't realize those are the allies of the original people who sided with the indigenous way of life. 

Oh and thanks brittain for taking my land ...twice 



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