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Final Diary pages of 13 yr old vijay singh


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Little flowers

I shall remember forever and will never forget.

Monday: my money was taken.

Tuesday: names called.

Wednesday: my uniform torn.

Thursday: my body pouring with blood.

Friday: it's ended.

Saturday: freedom.

The final diary pages of 13-year-old Vijay Singh. He was found hanging

from the banister rail at his home on Sunday. Go to the link..




Not many weeks ago, we were involved in a situation involving a very

young Sikh lad from a respectable background who faced problems bigger

than him. Due to confidentiality, we are unable to give out details to

who it concerned. This young individual attended a boarding school and

was the only Punjabi student at the entire school. He faced racial and

physical abuse from his school colleagues.. go to the link ..




Recently, we got a phone call from a mother who was concerned about her

child at school. He had been bullied several times, reported it to the

teachers as he should have done but it was of no use. The teachers

regarded it a small problem and put the matter at the bottom of the

pile. Meanwhile, the kid was still getting bullied because of his

religion and ethnic background. He told his father about it, and the

only solution the father had was to cut his hair so.......go to the link




We are available, day or night, to help those in need. Any time, any

concern, we want to hear from you if you are hurting, anxious, fearful,

or have no one you can talk to. Sikh Help Line's is here to help you

find ways to sort things out. Your call is strictly confidential and

will be taken seriously. We will not trace your call or ask you to

reveal your name. You can hang-up at any time during the conversation if

you so wish.

SikhHelp LINE: 0845 644 0704

SikhHelp On line info@sikhhelpline.com (General)

help@sikhhelpline.com (Help)


:cry: :cry: :cry:

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I think this is prevalent wether you are a Sikh or Punjabi or not. It has occured to me that its human nature to abuse anything aboriginal to them. May waheguru bless everyone...

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It's very sad and shocking when u hear abou stuff like this but as we all know its true and we need to do something abou it. I know it sounds mean but in a sense this boy was weak. He could have tried gettin help. Of course its easier to say then do but still its possible. I remember kids use to tease my bro cuz he was the first guy they had seen with a joora. We became aware of all this when he'd come home lookin all depressed and stuff so we talked with the principal and he took my bro around to every classroom and explained everything. Of course i can only picture wat sikh boys must be going through by gettin teased bullied etc but that is no reason to take ur precious life away :(

May waheguru give everyone courage to resist and fight back

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ah, the worst isnt the teasing.

What do you do when there are other sikh males in your school but they dont have a joora? They rock the same khanda necklace you wear...so everyone is left questioning, why you do it, and assume its some sort of ancient indian tradition.

And then what do you explain to them without looking all radical??

But yeah, those boys were weak. Had he grown up, he would have probably chose to cut his hair sooner or later, would have found another excuse.


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yea ur defintely rite about the boy cuttin his hair sooner or later, cuz those people r weak. They find stupid excuses like "oh the boys were teasin me" and then they go around sayin "oh nothin has changed im still a sikh i just cut my hair so i could fit in" and crap like that. I've seen all this stuff happen. They go and cut their hair and come back actin as if nothin happened. The truth is that they were weak and gave up their religion for some stupid guy that was teasin him :?:

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i think we should not be so hasty to judge...about them being weak..unless you know the entire situation it is not true, atleast as sikhs, don't waste time judging each other. Lend your support, I think that is exactly what the problem is, everyone is all to ready to judge, and not willing to listen, I mean thats why we are teased in the first place is it not? So why do you want to be like that? Spend less time worrying how others uphold sikhi, and more time about how you do..just lend them your support and they will find the right way on their own.

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Agree with Infernal Monk.

jAzZi and LegendarySiKH - How do you know the kid would have grown up and cut his hair? Did you know him? Do you guys not cut ur hair? And even if someone does cut their hair..so what? What counts is whats in your heart, not what you display to the world.

We are talking about a 13 year old committing suicide..not about an adult doing it.. A KID... is that too hard for u to understand?

What makes you any better than the kids that bullied him? There you are sitting and making judgements about a little kid that is no longer here.

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