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We're surpose 2 pray 5 times a day?


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I kno dat da Rehat maryada says 2 pray 5 times a day, but where in SGGS does it say dis? Cos all ive read is dat where surpose 2 Recite Naam as many times as possible and wake up Amrit Veela and Recite Naam.

Can ne 1 give me quotes from Guru Ji pls?

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It says nowhere in Gurbani to do paat 5 times a day.

We have become Sikhs of Men not the Guru

Ask yourself who is the Guru ? the panth ? you seen the state of them ? Guru for me is SGGS

Singh its a good question - doing paat 5 times a day? - you tell me - forget what anyone else says - you have the answer inside you - take this thought for instance

If your doing paat 5 times a day how on earth will you find time to reflect upon it ?

Bani becomes dead - you just do it like a robot - we become like sheep

The Doctor(Guru) has given us(sikhs) a prescription - we have then made numerous copies of that precription(Gutkahs) and then put it in our pockets - in the morning we READ THE PRESCRIPTION BACK OUT TO THE DOCTOR - how foolish are we - take the medicine!

BANI IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



One asks, how is this done - well sir, you find the steering wheel of your mind! what is that ?

YOUR BREATH - what about it - observe it - become the witness - witness how the breath occurs automatically, without thought, without you

na am japo

Without I - without Ego

When your thought runs away - take a deep breath -

timelessness - egolessness - thoughtlessness

Once you have developed this focus type meditation - read Mool Mantar - you will FEEL it - you wont be SAYING it you will be FEELING it

Then you will begin to develop your own understanding of bani - it will be alive because you will be alive !

The above method sounds better than doing 5 banis to me? perhaps you guysstill prefer sticking to the 'Guru panths' maryada -

please not the panth is the gurus - based on gurus teachings - you seen yourself what goes on thier - so are they really the 'gurus panth'?



Pls note i have nothing against people cussing my views - because they are not mine - im still dead ! my knowledge is borrowed - bani is not alive in me yet - so feel free to cuss me !

If we wake up then our knowledge will be alive and GROWING NOT DEAD

Muah i love you peeps xxx

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I totally agree with ur views to an extent penji. And although ur analogy in regards to bani and the guru is excellent, i dnt think its true. Why? Because in sukhmani sahib and rehraas sahib..and even jap ji sahib..we are told to contemplate and act upon the virtues of god..we are told to sing his divine virtues and praise him..we are told to reflect up on his word..since bani is the word of god, and is the praise of god,etc it goes without saying that we should read our bani all the time. Because this is worship.

In addition, our gurus sang bani/jap ji/rehraas/arti/kirtan sohila..are we that above the gurus that we cant even do the same?? Bani has a subconscience affect..on the mind and soul..its benefits are amazing..but sometimes unknown to the reader..in essense bani is like naam jap...because we are always glorifying waheguru and the gurus (who are the reflection of god.)

We cant replace bani..and a guideline of reading bani,as the gurus did, on a daily basis is esential..however i agree, with an indirect point, that we shouldnt focus on it so blindly that it becomes a ritual..we have to take in/contemplate on the word i.e bani..and practise it in life. Lets read bani because we wont spiritual elevation, not because a bakhandi singh tells us (i think it what u mean, and i agree.)

And khalsa has been given that authority to be guru..this is evident on the vaisakhi of 1699..and although some khalsa are not so, it is not in our place to make such judgment..all we can do is have faith in them..or perhaps become khalis ourselves so we become an inspiration.

Bul chak maaf

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