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Hazooree Vismaad


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In this thread, we will try to learn the history of Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Abchalnagar Sahib Jee and another historic Gurdwara Sahibaan in the city of Nanded. The views, suggestions and criticism are most welcome.

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I have just reached here. I feel, as if I have no control over myself. I bow my head. I remain in this position for a moment. I want to remain in this position forever, but there are other people too, who want to touch this floor.

This is the land on which he put his steps. He used to walk here on this piece of mysterious land. It is said this place was a cemetery, when he arrived here. When he claimed to this piece of land, the local Muslim residents opposed him. It was Mughal's rule, but he was not afraid of them. He continued to claim to this piece of land. The local residents picked a quarrel. The local authorities came forward to solve the problem.

The local residents said it was a part of their cemetery and one of their ancestors was buried here but he claimed that this land belongs to him, because he did 'Tap' here in one of his previous lives. How could this problem be solved?

The authorities asked him to prove his statement. He said that his 'mala' and 'kar-mandal' etc. were still there under this piece of land.

The local authorities ordered to excavate. It was decided that if they got any bones etc., this piece of land would be handed over to the local Muslim residents; and if they got any 'mala', 'kar-mandal' etc, it would be considered his property.

Then, the people of this city witnessed an episode of a 'wonderful drama'. The land was excavated. A mysterious cave was uncovered. The 'Maala' and 'Kar-mandal' were dug out of this piece of land. Now, the local authority handed over this land to him immediately. Does it mean this was not the first time he came into this city?

Though it was proved that this land belonged to him, even then he paid a lot of money to the local Muslim owners. It was his generosity. He was the True King, without a doubt.

He was seen right here on this piece of mysterious land for last time. Most of the people say he left for his heavenly abode leaving no remains here. Some say he will come again. But, did he really leave this piece of land?

As I kiss the floor, I feel my heartbeat. I close my eyes. Kissing the floor makes my hair stand on end. What is this mysterious smell? Or, do I smell some mystery? My heart is beating. I am, as if, trembling. I never had such experience. Now, I cannot bear it. I lift up my head and open my eyes. Right before my eyes, his weapons are kept on a platform. I cannot see clearly now. It is hard to see if tears are there in your eyes. I am shivering, as if he has just touched me. Is he still here?

(To be continued).

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Now, I enter the Gurdwara Maal-Tekri Sahib and bow my sinful head before the Guru Granth Sahib Jee. I decide to sit down for a moment. I close my eyes. He was right here once upon a time. He is in my thoughts.

When he arrived here, he had not much money with him. Though, he had a big treasury when he was in his city of Sri Anandpur Sahib; but that treasury was not in his possession now. The waged army men demanded for their long-standing wages. He asked to wait for sometime. The waged army was not ready to wait for a long period. Then, the day came, when the army men stressed to pay their wages then and there.

During the third battle of Sri Anandpur Sahib, the Mughal army and the Hindu Kings wanted him to leave the city of Sri Anandpur Sahib. They assured safe expulsion.

He knew that it was tact. He ordered to load a lot of waste material on carts. The rumor was spread that he would leave the city, but first his treasure was to be taken away. These carts, which were loaded with waste material, marched through the city. When they came out of the city, the enemy could not control over its lust for money. The Mughal army and the army of Hindu Kings attacked on these carts to rob of the 'treasury'. Well, this 'treasury' did not make them happy, when they got it.

Later, for various reasons, he decided to leave the city. He knew that the enemy would try to rob of the treasury. He ordered to conceal the treasury in the river Satluj. An uncountable jewelry and money were buried under the bed of the river.

When he left the city with his army, the Hindu kings tried to locate this treasury. They excavated many possible places, but in vain. They got nothing. At last, they gave up and thought it was just another tact to mislead the enemy.

After that, as we know, all his four sons and Mother were martyred. Then, he advanced towards the south. Many 'Hazooree' Singhs and other waged army men were with him. The holy soul, his wife 'mother Sahib Kaur Jee', was also accompanying him.

All of them reached here in this city of 'Nanded' (a city in the Maharashtra state of India). Now, there was a great problem. The army men wanted their wages. He was without his treasury. His treasury, as described earlier, was buried under the bed of river Satluj. He was hundred miles far away from Punjab. The army men insisted to get their wages.

Now, it was the time for a 'Hazooree Vismaad' (amazement in the holy presence). He ordered to dig out the hidden treasure. The Singhs started to excavate. After sometimes, the hidden treasure was out in the open. He himself distributed the gold coins to the waged army men at a place, where Gurdwara Sri Sangat Sahib is constructed now. He used his 'Dhhaal' (shield) to distribute coins.

I open my eyes. A 'Dhhaal' (shield) is kept there in the holy presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. I am now staring at it. I think for a while and then smile. The warriors use their shields to protect themselves from strokes of sword etc. He too used such shields to protect his body in the battlefields. But, this time, he used it as a utensil. I am smiling. He used his shield to distribute gold coins to his waged army men. He used his shield as if he was distributing rice, not the gold coins. He did not care to count the gold coins he was giving to his army.

I am amazed. Who did put such a treasury here in the city of Nanded? How did he know that the treasury was hidden there in a desolate place? Was it that he concealed his treasury in Sri Anandpur Sahib, and got it again in this place? (There is another idea, which says that this mysterious treasury was kept here by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee, when he came to this region).

Well, he distributed the gold coins to his waged army men, but those coins were just a little part of that mysterious treasury. He still had a big treasury in his possession, which was just dug out of this piece of land.

He ordered to hide that treasury again under the land. The mysterious treasury was buried again.

Later, many people tried to locate this treasury, but no one could be successful. It is said that even the British tried to get this treasury during their rule in India, but in vain.

I have heard that this treasury will be out in the open in future. It is going to happen, when the Khalsa will be 'Chhiyaanve Karorhee' (96, 00, 00, 000). I have heard that the day will come, when the 'Chhiyaanve Karorhee Khalsa' will organize a 'Langar' (community kitchen) and spend this treasury on this 'Guru Ka Langar'. This treasury will be enough to feed 96, 00, 00, 000 people for three days.

(To be continued).

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Dear Amrit Ji,

As usual with your writings... this too makes a fascinating reading... is this narration in your own language...

Warm Regards

Chardee Kalaa...:D

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When he was in Sri Anandpur Sahib, his wife 'Mother Jeeto Jee' left for her heavenly abode in Bikramee Sambat 1757 (1700 AD.). According to 'Bansaavalee-naama', he was in too much 'Bairaag' after her death. In seven months, his health was down. He decided to remain celibate for rest of his life.

The book 'Bansaavalee-naama' says that the mindless people did not understand his will. They thought he was sad because of his wife's death. They brought a 'Dola' from 'Rohtaas' (a place). Guru Jee refused to marry her, because he had already decided to stay celibate for rest of his life.

According to 'Sri Gur Partaap Sooraj Granth', her father himself brought her in Sri Anandpur Sahib. Guru Jee refused to marry her.

But her father prayed that he already had donated his daughter to him. Now, all the people called her 'mother', because she was supposed to be married to the holy father. All the Sikhs respected her as a mother, though she was not married to him yet.

Now, he had no option. He accepted her as his 'Kuyaar Dola' (virgin wife). She too accepted his will happily. The holy humble soul started to live with his family. It was clear that she would not have a child, because she had to live as a virgin. Was it not a sacrifice?

She did a lot of service to him. Her love for him was immeasurable. Her devotion towards him was unthinkable. If there is any single word for both of love and devotion, then we can say that such was her feeling towards him.

When I read this line from Sri Dasam-Guru Granth Sahib Jee, I think about her and him: -

"Raghubar Bin Seea Naa Jeeyai, Seea Bin Jeeyai Na Raam".

(Seeta cannot live without Raam, and Raam cannot live without Seeta). (Stanza 848, 'Raam Avtaar', Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee).

She started to follow a special rule. She used to take food after having his 'Darshan'. If, for any reason, she were not able to see him, she would remain without food. First of all, his 'Darshan' was required for her. The food was secondary thing for her.

She was virgin, so obvious she was without any child. A true woman needs child. One day, she went to him. She folded her hands and bowed before him.

He was omniscient. He knew what she was going to ask for. He asked, "What do you want?"

She uttered the humble words. She was shying. She put her prayer before him, "Prabhoo Jee! I have a desire for a son. No other desire is there in my mind. With your grace, I can get the son so that my birth as a woman could be successful".

I sometimes wonder how were those moments. How was the holy mother feeling at that time? Was she asking to his husband? Or, was she asking to his Guru? Perhaps, she was asking to her God. How does a woman feel about her husband who is her god too? In which dictionary, can I find such words, which are sufficient to describe the feelings, love and devotion of holy mother Sahib Kaur Jee?

She had asked what she needed. Actually, he already knew what she wanted. He was omniscient. The people of the world used to come to him. Many of them used to ask for many things. It was his own will whether he fulfills their demand or not. But this time, his own wife, the virgin wife, has asked something. If he is ready to fulfill her desire, he will have to break his own commitment to remain celibate. Can he refuse?

No, no way. He cannot.

He could refuse if any other person would have demanded for it. It is demanded by a true worshipper. This time, he has been tied: -

"Meree Baandhee Bhagat Chhadaavai, Baandhee Bhagat Na Chhootai Mohe".

(The worshiper can release anyone from my bondage, but I cannot release anyone from his/her). (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, page 1252).

He had to keep his word and also to fulfill her desire. He decided to fulfill her desire. He replied, "You have a good desire. But why only one son? The 'Khaalsa' will be your son. You will have millions of your sons. No one will count them".

Now, she was the mother. Now, she had thousands of sons. The number of her sons will rise up to 96, 00, 00, 000 one day.

Then, the hard days came. The city of Sri Anandpur Sahib was destroyed. The four of his sons, his mother and many Singhs were martyred. Then, he came to the South. When he arrived in this city of Nanded, his wife, the holy soul Mother Sahib Devaan Jee (Sahib Kaur Jee), was accompanying him. Actually, he wanted his both of wives not to come to the south, but Mother Sahib Kaur had too much love for his husband Guru. She was not able to live without him. It was not one-way love. He too loved her; that is why he allowed her to come with him on this very hard journey.

I touch my forehead to the floor. I remain in this position for a while. Then, I lift up my head and open my eyes. In front of my eyes, this is the Gurdwara Maata Sahib Kaur Jee in the city of Nanded.

When, he was in this city, she used to do 'Tap' (religious austerity) here in this place, where this holy Gurdwara is constructed now. Because she would not eat without having his 'Darshan', he himself would come here to meet her daily.

Before he went to his heavenly abode, he ordered her to go to Delhi and stay with mother Sundree Jee. The holy soul mother Sahib Kaur Jee was following the rule to eat food only after having his 'Darshan'. When she said how she could eat food without seeing him, he gave her the five holy weapons. He said that when she sees those weapons, she could see him. Taking those five holy weapons with her, she went to mother Sudree Jee, who was living in Delhi. The holy soul mother Sahib Kaur left for her heavenly abode in Delhi, where the holy Gurdwara Sri Baala Sahib Jee is situated now.

I enter the holy Gurdwara Sahib and bow before Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee. I am now sitting.

O mother! You did a lot of service to my Guru. O mother! I am very thankful to you. If you had not accepted the Khaalsa as your son, I would have been a motherless child. O mother! I am your son. O mother! May I be sacrificed to you. O mother! May I be sacrificed to the moments you spent here doing 'Naam Simran' lonely. O mother! May I be sacrificed to the moments you spent with him, when he used to come to you daily to take food with you.

O mother! How were the moments you spent with him? O mother! How were the moments when you left the city of Sri Anandpur Sahib? O mother! How were the moments when he told you that the four of his sons were martyred?

And, How did you feel when he ordered you right here to go to Delhi? O mother! How were the moments when you see him physically for the last time? O mother! How were the moments when you were separated physically from him?

I think there were tears in your eyes when you were being separated physically from him. I am foolish, o mother. Look at me and see how I am shedding tears.

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When he was in 'Daadoo-dwara', the 'Mahant' of the 'Daadoo-dwara' told him that a sadhu lived on the bank of river Godaavaree in the city of Nanded. The sadhu had many spiritual powers. Mahant Jait Raam also told that the sadhu used to insult other saints.

He decided to meet that sadhu. He went to his 'Ashram' with his Singhs. The sadhu was not there at that time. Well, he entered the 'Ashram' and sat on a bed. A disciple of the sadhu went to his master and told that someone had come in the 'Ashram' and sat on the bed. The sadhu rushed to the 'Ashram' and tried to throw him from the bed with spiritual power, but in vain.

Now, the sadhu came to him. He asked, "Who are you?"

The sadhu replied, "I am your 'Banda' (slave). You are my Guru. I am your slave now, and will do what you ask".

The history books tell that the name of that sadhu was 'Maadho Daas Bairaagee', a Bhardwaaj from Kashmir, a son of Raamdev Bhardwaaj. There was a conversation between them in private.

"Kabeer Satgur soorme baaheyaa baan ju ek.

Laagat hee buye gir pareya, paraa kareje chhek".

(Kabeer! The True Guru-warrior has shot me with his arrow. I fell to the ground, as soon as it struck me. A wound is made in my heart). (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page 1374).

Maadho Daas was now wounded by his words. Maadho Daas was now his disciple. The world saw how a sadhu was turned into the 'saint soldier' by him. Maadho Daas took the 'Amrit' prepared with the 'Khanda' (a kind of double-edged sword).

He gave the sadhu a new title of 'Bahaadur' (brave). Because the sadhu called himself his 'Banda' (slave), so this sadhu was known as 'Banda Singh 'Bahaadur' in the Sikh history. Maadho Daas was now 'Baba Banda Singh Bahaadur', the chief of the Khaalsa Army.

Then, he gave Baba Banda Singh Bahaadur Jee five arrows and ordered to go to Punjab and punish the culprits. Baba Jee was always ready to obey him. But, fighting against Mughals was not an easy job. Only five arrows and a powerful kingdom to fight against; was it possible?

Baba Jee asked him with folded hands, "What will I do going there? How will I fight against millions of the enemies? It will be appropriate, if you give me the 'Gupt' (hidden/mysterious) power, so that I could take revenge killing the enemy. Thus, please protect my honor. Your attribute of 'Greeb Nivaaz' will come to light".

He had chosen Baba Jee to fight against the enemy. How could he send him without sufficient army? He said to Baba Jee, "There will be thousands of warriors. I have appointed all of them under your command. Now you have a big army. Just close your eyes and see the 'Gupt Fauj' (hidden/mysterious army)".

Baba Jee could see millions of 'Gupt' warriors. The uncountable warriors were having different kind of weapons. Baba Jee left for Punjab with some of Singhs.

Later, Baba Jee punished the culprits and fulfilled the will of his Guru.

Gurdwara Sri Banda Ghaat Sahib is constructed, where he met to Baba Banda Singh Bahaadur Jee. I enter the Gurdwara Sahib. Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib are installed. I touch my forehead to the floor. Then, I sit there in the Gurdwara.

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Amrit bhaji is not keeping well for the last 15-20 days. His main problem is respiratory problem due to which he has difficulty in breathing. His blood pressure has risen due to that. He is under constant medical treatment and is to be operated upon in a few days. Though, he is doing all his routine work with 'Hathh', but I think he will not be able to make posts full of mystery, in this thread for two or three weeks.

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