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Puratan Rare Collections Of Pics - Budda Dal Nihang Singhs


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:!: First of all, i like the viewers to know this pictures are precious as it was someone's personal collection. Any kind of altering of this pictures in anyway will result lawful action by author of these pictures. You may use these pictures in your web site without any kind of alteration. :!:

Enjoy the Pictures Sangat Ji:

Siri Guroo Granth Sahib Ji, Dasam Granth Sahib Ji & Sarbloh Granth Prakash at Budda Dal.


Shrimoni Baba Kharak Singh Ji doing Chatka with one awesome best blow



Budda Dal Nihangi with dastar...wearing it with pride (People who call bibi who wear dastar as 3rd gender should get your brain fixed)


Hazoori Raagi At Budda dal awesome best pose.


Hazoori Raagi At Budda dal awesome best pose 2.


Shirimoni Akaali 96 Crore Budda Dal Jathedar Santa Singh Ji looking at the shastar.


Nihang Gurmant Singh ji, Toronto receiving honory robe from Jathedar Santa Singh Ji of Budda Dal


Jathedar 2nd Hand Command of Budda Dal baba Surjit Singh Ji


Nihang Preparing Sukha


Jathedar 2nd Hand Command of Budda Dal baba Surjit Singh Ji with Nihang Gurmant Singh ji budda dal , toronto


Want some sukha?? :wink:


Tyar Bar-Tyar Singhs at budda dal Headquaters at damdama Sahib



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Great photos N30,

Tell us more about Nihang Gurmant Singh ji who you've no doubt been speaking to to get these photos. Have you shown him shastarvidiya.org?

That photo of the Singh playing tanpura is astounding...it looks more like an old moghul era miniture!

over and out

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You may be interested to know that the NIhang Singh on the right in the picture titled 'Nihang preparing Sukha' is Baba Baldev Singh - who also happens to be the manager of the Punjab and Sind Bank in Chandigarh Sector 21 (I think) - he and his family are great people and he is a very talented photographer.

In the later picture titled 'Tyar Bar-Tyar Singhs at budda dal Headquaters at damdama Sahib ' the central Akali (with Farla) is Baba Prem Singh also of Chandigarh. He owns and manages a sizeable business that manufactures ropes and such like from a large land holding in the Punjab hills. His wife (a swiss, ex-olympic skiing champion) is a formidible lady who speaks perfect Punjabi and puts lame-assed punjabi speakers like me to shame. Baba Prem Singh has been collecting puratan Shasters for as many years as I have known him through the Sikhligarhs who are loosly attached to the Dal.

I wanted to just point out two characters in these pictures becasue all too often on the internet NIhangs are seen as village bumpkins and outmoded anachronistic oddities rather than real, well-rounded, intelligent and diverse group of men and women.


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Gurfateh Ji,

Firstly, great set of pics!! In the second set of pics the very last picture is of MahaAkaal Jathedar Baba Maan Singh Jee. He is the Jathedar of the Guru Nanak Dal, also known as the "Marian Wala Dal". Next to him seated on the left is his eldest son Nihang Hari Singh Jee, he is head Granthi at the main Gurughar in Abbotsford, B.C. Please contact me if anyone is interested in further info on the above said Dal!

Gurfateh Ji

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