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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fatehh

sangat ji..being sikh is it okay to lie on the resume...suppose one doesn't have experience..and he/she isn't getting job..so is it okay to lie saying that we have experience..just make some stuff..what u all say ji ?

bhul chuk di maafi ji


waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fatehh

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lying is wrong. especially in this case. if something comes up that he/she should know how to deal with but can't because of their lack of real experience, it'll become apparent that he/she lied, leading to other problems. besides, why would he/she wanna get a job that they didn't get based on their real merits? not to mention all the other bad stuff lying entails... it'd be better for ur friend to stay true to him/herself and get a job the honest way...

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I stand by my post. eg A lot of IT companies want loads of experience in (eg) VB, C++, Oracle Java, etc...but thats just their way of weeding out poor applicants. 9 times out of 10 the job won't require such an indepth knowledge of all those skills.

play the game, don't be played by the game

I don't like the idea of lying, but recent experience of ob applications has taught me that its a necessary evil. Just do it, but be prepared to back up anything you claim.

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so what do u do for that 1 time outta 10 when u do need it...?

and if u're askin in terms of Sikhi... i dun think neone supports dishonesty... i distinctly remember bein told a gazillion Sakhis supporting honesty as a principle to live by not to mention shabads... but mebbe i'm wrong...

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everthing is done in context - just because I believe that its not bad to lie on a job application doesn't mean that I would lie everytime.

scenario 1 - job title = project manager. Skills required = VB, C++, Oracle, Java, HTML

Scenario 2 - job title = developer. Skills required = VB, C++, Oracle, Java, HTML

To someone who knows the IT market, Scenario 2 appears as a position that would require a healthy knowledge of all skills mentioned. However, Scenario 1 would only require a basic knowledge of such skills.

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lol still dat dont make it right for you to lie

u might as well jus lie abt nething else then....meaning if u gonna lie about dat...lol wots wrong then with lyin abt otha stuff..??...which then on the total image gets contradictory to sikhi

get experience if u dont have experience..of course you gonna have to move ur ..lol to land in a good job..it wont be handed to u in a silver platter

kind of a thing

this is got nothing to do with sikhi

but even for da entire mankind, dishonesty is NOT COOL

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i think in the case of the parents not letting children go to gurdwara... a lie might be okay...not too sure about it though...but i do know of kids who would lie to their parents so that they could attend samagams....is it right or wrong?...i couldn't tell ya...

about lying for the job....i wouldn't do it...mainly because....it's really easy for employers to tell when you're lying....and there's nothing more embarrassing than getting caught....

and secondly...you have to have faith in guru ji and work hard and hope that you sell the prospective employers on the skills you have and what limited expereince you might have....

i can say from personal experience that telling the truth can get you surprising results

i applied for a bunch of research positions at the downtown hospitals without any research background, albeit i'm a science student...

i got called to an interview by the head of the cancer informatics at oone of the hospitals...

his first question was about my experience....i effectively told him i had none

his second questeion...what particular area of research interested me the most...again..i told him none as i had not experienced any and thus couldn't say what i liked and did not like....

this whole time i'm thinking there's no way i'm getting hired....

but the guy looks at my resume for a while...looks at my transcript...looks up at me and says....

"you know what....we're going to have to train you quite a bit..."

"you'll probably slow our work down also"..."and i won't be able to give you too challenging of a summer project"...."however, i think the experience will be good for you and if you like it you could come back to the lab again subsequent summer"...."so the job is yours should you choose to accept"....

lets just say...that day i had a smile permanently plastered to my face.....hehe....

so tell the truth...and have confidence...........and rip it up..........


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if u can agree that lying on a job application is wrong... then this would be wrong too.

don't hide ur love for Sikhi or the fact that u're goin to the Gurudwara. if you do lie about it or hide it, u'll let ur parents know that Sikhi isn't something u're willing to fight for in ur life and it'll make ur parents think (if u successfully deceive them, which is also wrong in a way) that u've given up on Sikhi and it isn't important to u.

be honest about how u feel about Sikhi and how important it is to you. ur parents will understand on their own that this is something that means a lot to you, and in a way, they'll back off on their own. if they don't, then you need to be patient with them and explain how u feel to them. the sooner you involve ur parents in ur life and let them know how significant Sikhi is to you, the sooner ur life becomes easier and the sooner ur parents respect ur wishes.

be strong. stay honest...

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