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time travel is it possible


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ever heard of warp in space-time related to the theory of relativty??!!! Time is considered a next dimension added to the third... there are 4 dimensions...(all together... im not sure if u are in tune with physics (science geek talking now... lol ) but yeah its simple and very interesting to learn!!! a simplified version is when u are on a jet plane with a clock... and on earth are set atomically the same, go around ur world couple times, then drop to see the time of the clock on earth then on the jet... and tell me what u seee!

and for all u peepz who think that physics is crazy it can be explained in math as well im not sure of the math.. after all im just a high schoool student! lol

if u ask me its probable to have time travel and there are studies being conducted now... liek that million dollar probe they sent out to test it out... i forget what its called! anywayz

keep on smiling


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That story was a fake, we got a good laugh over at Wall St. when we heard that! :LOL: As for time travel, it is not possible, I don't have time to explain all the physics but just read any good physics book and you'll know why it is impossible. Any one who wishes they could go back in time to correct a mistake is better off trying to change their future, which IS possible. Remember, the future hasn't happend, if you do something positive now it may have a huge effect on your future and you may end up happy. Doing NOTHING is the WORST thing to do! You can't go back in time but you can bring time back to you! Think about it and you will know what I mean... Imagine that 1997 was a great year for you, you wish you could go back in time but can't, so instead you bring 1997 back to you, now... If you lost touch with someone or some friends you really cared about, pick up the phone and call them, find them, get them back in to your life, remember, in human terms, time is only a number, in most cases people can still change their lives even aster years have passed. A good friend of mine broke up with his wife 5 years ago, he really missed her. I was talking to him the other day, he told me that he wished that he could go back in time and be back together with her again. I told him that you can't go back in time to the "Good Times" but you CAN bring the "Good Times" time back to you, he got a little confused, then I explained that he should re-create 1997, the year he was happy with his ex-wife, now, in 2004! I told him to give her a call, see what she was doing, try and be friends again, start dating if you have the chance, just get back to her and try and re-create the "Good Times" you had and you will be happy again, he finally got more relaxed much happier, he actually got the idea I was trying to tell him. A few weeks later he called me up and said that he met his ex-wife again and that they had started seeing eachother again, even making plans to re-marry! That was great news and shows that with a lil bit of thought, more or less anything is possible. You might think why have I given such a long speech, it's because some of you out there reading this will know exactly what I mean, there are many of you who are unhappy at having wasted time, sometimes 2 or 3 years or longer and are wishing you can get those back but you can't, so instead you should just look at what positive things you gained from those "wasted" years, what did you learn, have you grown as a person etc. and then move forward. Don't live in the past because the past is history, don't worry about the future because the future has not happend and things don't always turn out as bad as you think, just live each day as it happens, make the most of it and then live the next day the same way. Life is too short to worry and get stressed about BS, forget it and just relax, take it easy and be happy. If you missed out on something when you were younger, like university, a degree, college or something else, forget about thinking about going back in time, instead, bring that time back and make it happen now, re-live it, go back to college now, get a degree now, get that great job that you wanted as a kid, now! Nothing is stoping you except for yourself. If you have a crap life, change it now! First, look at your current situation, then ask yourself what you really want, ask yourself if it is realistic, ask yourself if an alternative will make you happy, then MAKE A PLAN and ask yourself how can it be achieved, making a plan is easy but executing it (following it) is not so easy. Be determined and make sure you follow your plan until it has been finished, once it works and you are happy, keep working hard to make sure you don't screw up again, remember, prevention is always better than a cure. Then just be happy... You may ask when should you start your plan, well, when would NOW be a good time? If you have already wasted 2 years of your life, why wait longer being lazy and waste 3 years? Instead of wishing that you had done something earlier, do it now, so in another years time you are not wishing that you had done it earlier again! lol The best way to deal with something is to do it right away, do it now! Why do something tomorrow when you can do it today? Always deal with a problem right away, never run away because it just usually gets worse, deal with it and destroy it straight away, never let life get you down, always deal with life right away and make sure you do it properly so you don't get a nasty shock later on, just remember these few things and you will be happy, also, please always be rational, logical and scientific, no need to believe in superstitious garbage which will only make your life more confusing and worse. Always remember God and he will always help you out, also please remember that God always gives you chances to do something, so please take them whenever they arise, and finally, as Guru Nanak says, always be optomistic and happy!

Kind Regards,


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very good post MI... brings to mind the motto of alcoholics anonymous:

"God Grant Me The Serenity

To Accept The Things I Cannot Change

Courage To Change The Things I Can

And The Wisdom To Know The Difference"

but i disagree on the time travel is not possible...

as arthur c clarke says in 'Profiles of the Future' (1962):

"When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong."

in physics there are theoretical particles known as tachyons that travel faster than light & so go back through time. unfortunately, as they interact very very weakly with normal matter, they are next to impossible to detect.

also, the theoretical wormholes that sci-fi has popularised so much can connect different positions in spacetime & could possibly be used to time travel.

of course those two examples are just theory & there's no solid proof for time travel, but the point i wanted to make was that it's always dangerous to make the assumption that something is impossible, because more likely than not you'll be proved wrong! (almost everyone thought heavier than air flight was impossible at the end of the 19th century)

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Time Travel is not possible Orchid. Stephen Hawking once said..and it is logical that is it weere possible, we would have people already visiting us..but now he wants to differ.



Personally I think it is a waste of time. We have so little time, that we should spend it in seva of Akaal rather than wondering about Kaal. :-)

Akal Sahai

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babbarsher, first u said time travel's not possible, then gave two links showing that it might be possible. :?

anyhow, there's a funny story on the second link that gives pause for thought:

There is also the paradox of the man who is his own mother. (My apologies to science fiction writer Robert Heinlein.) “Jane†is left at an orphanage as a foundling. When “Jane†is a teenager, she falls in love with a drifter, who abandons her but leaves her pregnant. Then disaster strikes. She almost dies giving birth to a baby girl, who is then mysteriously kidnapped. The doctors find that Jane is bleeding badly, but, oddly enough, has both sex organs. So, to save her life, the doctors convert “Jane†to “Jim.â€

“Jim†subsequently becomes a roaring drunk, until he meets a friendly bartender (actually a time traveler in disguise) who wisks “Jim†way back into the past. “Jim†meets a beautiful teenage girl, then accidentally gets her pregnant with a baby girl. Out of guilt, he kidnaps the baby girl and drops her off at the orphanage. Later, “Jim†joins the time travelers corps, leads a distinguished life, and has one last dream: to disguise himself as a bartender to meet a certain drunk named “Jim†in the past. So, who is “Jane’s†mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, and grandchild?

not too dissimilar to what happened with lister in red dwarf!

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