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Promote Sikh Awareness: PM Dr. Manmohan Singh

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

This is a golden chance to educate the world about who Sikh really are. I think each sikh should mention Dr. Manmohan Singh whenever talking about India to Weterners.

Many westerners are very interested when they hear that Sikhism promotes equality of all races, caste and gender. If poeple ask more questions you can refer them to http://www.realsikhism.com

RealSikhism.com is created for the sole purpose of the global awareness of Sikhism. This website brings the truth about Sikh religion and helps eliminates the misconceptions. For frequently Asked questions, please visit http://www.realsikhism.com/faq/index.html

I congratulate Dr. Manmmohan Singh for becoming the first Sikh Prime Minister of India. He is a well educated person and will bring many improvements in India.


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How does this site dare claim to call itself real SIkhi when it does not mention Dasam Guru Granth Sahib, the sampradayas etc...

lalleshwari (Penji) this is not right on you part... ridculing every initiative... i think everyone has a right to share his understanding of sikh philosophy... that website is essentially for an overview of sikh philosophy for non-sikh community and you would understand that it is very difficult to keep interested a foreginer to read all the stuff and also about the sampardyaas...

I think we should praise everyone who is making an effort to promote sikhi in his own level of understanding... Sikhi ever evolving... a philosophy that does not evolve ends up just like a muslim philosophy over a period of time...


P.S. :: Everyone with basis HTML knowledge should launch a personal website to promote sikhi worldwide...;) why not ?

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do i get to use the dare thing now...? my turn...? enh forget it... not my style...

there is an islamic philosophy. but i believe that it's been applied in a very different way from what it was meant to be. but that isn't initiative to put down another religious philosophy. that's very incosiderate of u, especially while knowing that this site is all about tolerance... but mebbe tha's just me and my lil opinions...

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