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Sikh Counter-Strike Is Back, YAY


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Play with other Sikhs around the world,

you dont have to be a experienced player,

we all play for fun!!!

1. Get Counter Strike (not counter-strike CZ)

2. Dont try to dl it from the net, cause it wont work lol

3. Once Installed start adding your buddies to ur friends list and

host ur own games to play.

(Btw it only costs under 20 pounds)


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Akali man, course u know me. There is only one Beast!

(By the way, still can't get Friends network to run)

Narsingha, I got UT2004 as well. Its better in some ways because you can just download the damn thing off the internet. Also, its more frantic and takes more effort to kill someone. And when you die you automatically respawn. But I think Counter-Strike wins out because of superior graphics, a better online game engine (no lag), and higher skill level required. First few times I played I ran around like a madman and got killed within the first few seconds! Also, there are realistic features like recoil (u have to fire in short bursts, otherwise accuracy rapidly diminishes), and how many weapons you can carry (only one large gun such as rifle, and one pistol). A lot more teamwork is required so its good to have yahoo IM and a mic.

The most annoying that about CS is when you're a beginner. I would start a game, walk around a corner...then get shot. All within 30 seconds. I would then wait patiently for the next round where I would just promptly die within 30 seconds again! 2 days of this before I realised it was better to stick with someone who's good. *sniff*

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Sukh, i got this from steam website :twisted:

Starting July 26th the shutdown of the WON authentication servers will begin. This process will be completed on July 31st. This means players will no longer be able to access Internet features of Valve games, such as Counter-Strike 1.5, using the WON authentication servers. Users can continue using Valve games on the Steam service by downloading the Steam installer and setting up a Steam account. For more information visit www.steampowered.com. Counter-Strike 1.5 players will be upgraded to Counter-Strike 1.6 free of charge through Steam.

l8r :P


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gr8 to hear that, but make sure that you play whole

bunch of other maps aswell,

remeber when i said "there at short A" and your like "wheres that" lol

it was really fun thou, even thou we lost lol

but the best part is jus havin fun :twisted:

is there anyone out there that can get a server, casue even

thou we host our own games or play on another server

it be cool to jus have one where al the singhs/singhnis can play at

and with out getting any lagg.


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