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Creation of "Sant Samaj"

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I would like to start a topic on sant samaj with these following questions.....

1. Who started Sant Samaj?

2. When was Sant Samaj formed?

3. Does sant samaj have successors too like most other lineages have kinda like sant gaddi?

4. I know back in the times, there were lot of sant smagams held where all the sants/mahapursh from different sampardha would come join in... is those sant smagams were formed/organized by sant samaj?

5. Who's is the current leader or successor of sant samaj??

Thanks in advance.

Please discuss :D

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Current leader of Sant Samaj is Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi the 17th descendants of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, general secretary is Baba Hari Singh Ji Rhandawae Walae.

Sant Samaj has been around since the time of Baba Sahib Singh Ji Bedi the 11th descendants of Guru Nanak Dev Ji during the times of maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji.

Sant Samaj Lineage are the descendant of Guru Nanak Dev Ji all sants look to them as leaders.

These days Sant Samaj also has a political party of Panthik Morcha as they are trying to get rid of the corruption done by Prakash Singh Badal over the last number of years and other sikh groups who crete distrust in authentic Bani.

Sant samaj is the society of saints. i will try to put some literature on when i get a chance.

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Although I am not sure about Sant Samaj's linage as from Maharaja Ranjit Singh, or if the Sant Samaj that I'm thinking about is even the same.

Mid 1900's SGPC started to implement a lot of new ideas and started making changes in Sikhi. This resulted in much confusion within the Panth and caused for many splits, and other things to start up. One of the major and most dominating issue of the time was the SGPC's implentation of Pad-Ched printing of Maharaj Saroops.

This "noise" being made, led to the main sevadaars, great and respected Saints, and leaders of the major Jathaybandi's etc to come together to oppose such actions that where being taken by the SGPC.

The various Jatha's and samparada's of the time got together with a common goal and had several meetings at different venues to do veechar on this issue. Such meetings occured at Sri Amritsar Sahib, Damdama Sahib, Keeratpur Sahib, Rara Sahib and one of the largest at Bhinder Kalaan on the 11th of September, 1959, at which time all the big time saints of the day came together and created a committee, which consisted of the following Mahpursh:

1. Sant Baba Hari Singh Ji Kahaarpurieea

2. Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale

3. Sant Ishar Singh Ji Rara Shib

4. Sant Ishar Singh Ji Kalairaa(n) (Nanaksar)

5. Sant Baba Bhagvaan Singh Ji Rairoo Sahib

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One of the major and most dominating issue of the time was the SGPC's implentation of Pad-Ched printing of Maharaj Saroops.

In other words changing of mangal in siri guroo granth sahib Ji.

Pure Shamless works.... :evil: :evil:

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Mangal is also called 'Mangalaacharan'. In Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, ik onkar to gur parsaad is called mangal or mangalaacharan. There are many forms of this mangal, for example: ik onkar satgur parsaad, or , ik onkar satnam gur parsaad etc etc.

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