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ew ew ew ew ew ew! main hoon na and hum tum are the biggest fluff flicks i've seen in a while... devdas is soooo much better...

ye mugermach, i wouldn't suggest that u give it to me either. god knows what kinda pranks i'd pull on u if u did... hehe... escorts in the middle of the night and a WHOLE bunch of other things...

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lol... it's been out for so long though... why didn't u brit bums watch it when it came out?! i actually made the effort to watch in the friggin theatre when it came out... (omg, beasty, if u had seen it in a theatre, u REALLY would've cried... seriously sad stuff when ur in there)...

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"devdas is gay..

da latest GUD bollywood releases:

main hoon na

hum tum

don't ask me why i watched hindi movies!!..'cause most of time i am prettty much ...anti-hindi bullcrap" - Sherni-E-Punjab

LOL :LOL: omg, Devdas in my opinion was the only DECENT Hindi film that was ever made, it had a decent story line that was quite believable unlike most Hindi films, it had a good musical score, also the dance sequences were actually appropriate (quite rare in a Hindi film and not just random as was in most cases) and it actually made you give a toss about any of the characters. This is one of the few films that evoked sympathy in me which is very hard to do. :thumbsup:


As for your other suggestions, Maine Hoon Na, "GUD" I don't think so!!! :roll: Come on, the storyline was worse than Police Acadamy7: Mission To Moscow (for those who havn't had the missfortune of seeing don't bother) for example since when was the military in charge of the so called largest democracy don't the primeminister have a say in "Project Milap" which in itself is a joke (though nice and idealistic in a way but ultimately futile to even suggest a thing).

Then there was the VERY coincidental reunion of Ram (Sharukh) and his brother Lucky (Zayed), like who didn't see that coming. Also it was really stupid how it was briefly mentioned how Lucky failed his exams (again) so he would mess about for another year despite tuition fees which his divorced unemployed mother has to pay (very convincing!)

Then there was the comic element which really really sucked, sure it would make you laugh but for the wrong reasons. The teacher that everyone would avoid was so lame, it was a half baked sub plot to fill about 20 min of this underflated balloon of a film.

Another silly yet supposedly comic aspect of the film was where Ram would sing (unvoluntarily) to his chemistry teacher (who looked rather hot but thats beyond the point) and musicians would appear out of thin air. Even Scary Movie's randomness was far funnier than this.

The only remotely funny thing in the movie was a Matrix spoof involving the lead character and some oversalivating teacher (lasted less than half a minute).

The action was dissappointing and ripped off the Matrix massively. To sumerise the stupidity I'll mention two key memorable parts:

Freeze frame (rip off of Matrix clear) with Ram floating in mid air, arch enemy some how strolls over to him despite every thing else not moving and cheesily elbows him like something out of WWE.

Then there was the part near the end of the fight, the terrorist leader (Sunil Shetty) has his pistol aim at Ram, he gives a really tedious and over cooked speech. Aims, demands Ram to turn around (to make sure he kills the right man?) to shoot him, Ram ignores him, copter comes and Lucky (they like to push the limits of their storyline dont dey) calls Ram aboard, Ram quickly removes pin from grenade of baddie and hops onto the copter. Baddie is bewildered as his (druggie/hobo) outfit has too many pockets, decides not to take Ram down with him and blows up gracefully.

Like the majority of Hindi films musical/dance scenes are random and most of the time innappropriate.

My verdict is if you like comedy, action, and romance then don't be a cheapskate and rent this film, instead make the effort to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , Lord of the Rings (all 3 are good, if not then Saving Private Ryan) and Casablanca.

Hum Tum

Okay, I only like watched the first half of the film because it was that rubbish, from what I saw we have a naive pretty bimbo some "cool/slick" (pretentious I think) cartoonist guy. Remove the word cartoonist and you're left with a template for most Hindi films, the characters were very fake and generic.

My mom who managed to watch the rest of this said it was "no good" and she is a fan of Hindi films and somehow managed to like Main Hoon Na despite me pointing out the stupidity of it so its best to assume that this one is rubbish.

I know its likely I'll recieve backlash of the kind "you're too damn picky", "well thats your opinion", or this favourite "well I really enjoyed it". Well before you respond my to my post with kind of replies, my reply to that is "bees around honey, flies around $***". Basically there's people who preffer good films and then there's those who preffer rubbish films. A turds a turd no matter who likes it.

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