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We all call ourselves Sikhs. Yeah right!!!!


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taken from sikhpal.com


Please read what I have to say below..

Before that read this article about an old man abandoned by his sons.You'll find the story in one of these links.




Is this is how its all gonna end.We call ourselves-Sikhs,the chosen ones.

In this forum we have discussed many topics-some pertaining to hair,,1984, sikh personalities,etc ,etc.But we have never discussed the real issues

We have always turned a blind eye to situations which need our attention the most.Be it an ailing kid with a hole in the heart or be it this old man-who has been abandoned by his own kids.

The old man stays in Chandigarh-home to many prosperous and educated Sikhs.But Alas!!! No one has given this old man shelter.Forget shelter..The gurdwaras have done nothing

Is this is how its supposed to be. Where r those ppl who used to take initiatives and indulge in selfless acts..

I still believe in Waheguru but whenever I see/read these things , I begin to loose faith in what I have always believed in/

I wear a turban and keep my beard.I have never ever even thought about loosing my identity cos I am proud to be a sikh and I am aware of the sacrifcies made by our Gurus and his brave Khalsa.But we r letting it all go in vain as we do not even care for our fellow brothers and sisters.

I am still a student so can,t directly indulge myself in any kind of seva.But even the Gurdwara's refuse to help those in need.So I wonder...

Whats the use of Langar when fellow men ( not just Sikhs but anyone irrespective of class,caste,etc)) fails to act at the tme of need.?

Whats the use of doing seva during Gurpurabs and other festivals when we can;t even take care of our own brothers and sisters?

Whats the use of calling ourselves Sikhs when we have failed miseably as human beings?

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