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Do we cut our hair because of inferiority complexes ?


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I found this interesting topic on sikhpal.com.

Please discuss! :D :D

Keep the discussion clean.

source : sikhpal.com

What do you folks think and I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this question. I'm a firm believer - like Guru Nanak was - that sometimes tough-love is better for us than being told what we want to hear.

If we are putting down our turbans to pick up a razor and scissors, doesn't this suggest that we feel an inferiority complex to western society? If not, then why are Sikhs cutting their hair? Please be honest in your responses. I find it to be a good policy to always assume that sangat is like Waheguroo and knows and sees all.

Lastly, why do some Sikhs keep their Sikh form and some do not?

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totally agree with palm veer

Here in surry, b.c, i see daily newbies coming to the country with turbans and week later clean shaven. The truth is people dont know how the west sees us, the views of sikhs. The hardcore reality is that many dont care to know what other races think. It does boil down to the question of acceptance, and assimiliation. No one wants to be discriminated against, kids dont want to be bullied in schools, etc. Its a matter of standing up for ur faith and beliefs, and honestly man many sikhs are not strong enough as individuals, or as a unit (referring to small communities), or simply dont have enough faith in waheguru to stay strong and within peace.


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