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Discuss: Sects Within Sikhism


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Noor Ji,

There are no sects in Sikhi but orders(sampardha).

There are not 4 but 6-7 sampardha(orders) in Sikhi ... 5 major ones and 2-3 minor ones.

Sampardha(orders/lineages) are there for diversity in the panth not divisions like sects/cults.

Even sect/cults doesnt cause divisions unless off course you got sect/cults promoting their stuff and call it accurate way of Sikh living and enforcing their views on to others.

ps: Before someone accuse me of spreading lie about 5-7 sampardha... you might want to look drawrof posts under Sikh sampardha section where minor orders were blessed by Guru Maharaj as well.... since we are all crazy about major lineages(sampardha's) ...we shouldn't forget about minor orders as well. I m sure all the orders(lineages) have something to offer when it comes to contributions in the panth or blossom the panth.

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Just because they are a minority doesnt mean we shouldnt focus on them :?

Its still a division in our religion... one day it could end up into a Sunni/Shi'ite kinda issue.. hopefully not tho.

Your answer now contradicts your earlier post, so there have come to be sects within Sikhi. Hmmm.

Can anyone tell me more about these sects? Their beliefs?

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Noor Ji,

I thought what you meant by sects were- damdami taksal, nihangs, sevapanthis, nirmalaye etc... so thats why i wanted to correct you in my above thread but didnt know you were talkin about sects like - Namdhari, Nirankari, Radhaswamis.

These sects have human gurus rather than Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj. Thats one common beleif they have between themselves and completely different from mainstream.

-Some of these sects (ie- radhaswamis, nirankari) baptised in different way- Charan Amrit

- Also radhaswamis, Nirankaris beleifs in certain part of Gurbani and reject all others.

- Radhaswamis also belive that Guru Nanak Dev Guru was their Guru not Shabad Guru which is quite unacceptable for us mainstream.

At the end of day out of nirankaris, radhaswamis I would still perfer Namdharis over them because they don't really insult Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji when it comes to divine message of it... its just guru gaddi conflict we have with them which is again its not bad as (killing each other)...as long they are doing their own things. Its all good. and they been doing their own thing and not interfere it by insulting or mocking the traditional sikhi principles...whereas tentions between mainstream Sikhs and radhaswamis, nirankaris are much much higher because of they disrespect puratan Sikhi.

Also noor ji on a side note, you shouldnt be worried about divisions because at the end of day - This is kalyug. No Dharma is safe or safest... all are vulnerable...puratan sakhi itself mentions it..... and only way we can make our Dharma safer is first Naam Japkaie & then saaraya nuo Naam Japakaie.

Naam Japo, Avara Naam Jaapavo ||

Sikhi is very personal and starts from within...instead of exploring outside conflicts of divisions and parchar and what not....

Lets just explore ourselves first... clean our pot(mind) so Amrit blessed by Guru Maharaj can take place in the mind(pot) and does its work.

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