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Greatness of Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar


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[fade:3337cdd656][glow=blue:3337cdd656]Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar. Ik tuhi tuhi Nirankar. Ik tuhi Tuhi Nirankar. Tuhi Tuhi Tuhi Mohina [/glow:3337cdd656][/fade:3337cdd656]:D

Since this friday we are observing Avtar Purb of Satguru Nanak Dev Nirankar coming to this world after world craving and crying of his Lotus feet Darshan and Alaaaaaaaaahi Noor of his face. I would like to take this oppurtunity to ask all the members to contribute in this thread.

taken from Sikhpal.com

The Greatness of Guru Nanak Dev ji cannot be described in words, but I was just interested in what aspect of Guru Nanak’s life impacts you the most.?

Please share your thoughts or even Gurbani about Guru Nanak that can inspire us all together.

Please discuss :D :D

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The true Aarti of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

While traveling from Kamarup and Bengal Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Puri. On the way he stopped at Kolkatta (Calcutta) which was then a God-forsaken village and established a missionary centre which lasted and still exists as Badi Sangat. Stopping at Burdwan, Cuttack he reached Jagannath Puri just before the ratha –yatra festival in 1512A.D. On the day of his arrival when he did not join the Aarti: worship of the idol with lamps, the priests resented and protested strongly. Guru Nanak Ji told them he was busy performing the Aarti before the true Lord of the Universe and to them his Aarti:

(Gagan Mein Thal Rav Chand Deepak Bane Tarika Mandal Janak Moti…(Dhanasari Mahla 1 Aarti Pg:663)

In the salver of the firmament,

The sun and moon shine as lamps,

The stars are like pearls for offering.

The fragrance of sandal trees is incense,

The breeze blows as Thy royal fan

The forest offers their flowers to Thee, O Eternal Light.

Thousands are Thine eyes,

And yet Thou hast no eyes.

Thousands are Thy forms,

And yet thou hast no form

Thousands are Thy feet

And yet Thou hast not one foot

Thousands are Thy noses

And yet Thou hast no nose

This wonderous play bewitches me.

In every heart is the same light;

It is the light of God;

Which illumines every soul,

And gives light and life to everyone

Through the Guru’s word

The light is revealed within the soul.

What pleaseth the Lord

Is the best Aarti: worship with the lamps.

The song brought in a flash the exalted insight of Guru Nanak into the very essence of the Universe and the Almighty spirit behind it and within it. The hearers felt the Transcendent spirit of the Eternal mingling into one visible Presence of His timeless being and becoming. In this outburst of the incomprehensible grandeur of the light and Celestial music of the spheres, Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood like an Alpine peak in the spiritual landscape of humanity.

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Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankar ......... tuhi tuhi tuhi tuhi tuhi .................................... ik tuhi Nirankar .

" Kalyug praman Nanak Gur Angad Amar Kahayo "

" Satgur Nanak Pragtya Miti Dhundh Jag Chanan Hoya "

" Jeo Kar Suraj niklaya Taare Shape Andher Paloya "

" Aap Narayan Kala Taar Jag Meh Parvaryo "....

waheguru .............. waheguru .............

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Ok my turn now.

Its being know that- out of 4- Guru Nanak Dev Ji had 3.9999 percent of Nirmata and rest 0.1111 nirmata all the Sant/Bhramgyanis/Mahapursh/Pir/Pagamvar/Firsta had it.

That much Nirmata Guru Ji had

Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar didn't had any Guru. They were khud Nirankar themselves.

Nirankar decided to see itself how it looks like. He went infront of the mirror. It was Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar.

People who think Guru ji was mere pir, pagamvar and kavi can't never get darshan of Guru Ji. Because Guru Ji was khud Nirankar Ji.

Small Sakhi - Guru Angad Dev Ji asked bhai bhala, bhai mardana ji that you guys lived with Guru Nanak Dev Ji for almost all your life . What did u think of Guru Baba Nanak when you were serving him. They replied "sant/mahapursh". Guru Ji smiled and replied, Guru Parmesvar Saroop Hai... And then Sangat asked Guru Angad Dev Ji- What do you think of Guru Nanak Dev Ji when you served him? Guru Angad Dev tears start coming out slowly from eyes and Guru Ji replied "Mein Ta Guru Ji Nuo Paremsvar Nirankar Saroop Kar Kaie Jannaya usi Bhavna Naal Seva Kiti (I served Guru Ji as Parbrahm Nirankar with that same emotion I served him").

Moral of this Sakhi: Jis Bhavna Naal Guru Ji Naal Preeiti Launi Hai, Ustra hiii Phaul Millaya Kardaie Hai.

Thats why Bhai Sahib Gurdas write this:

Satguru Purakh Agam Hai Nirvair Niralla, Jio Kar Nirmal Arsi Jag Dekhanwala.....

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Ek pita ekas ke hum barak tun mera gur tain (We are children of but one God)

Sabbhe sanjhiwal sadain koi na dise bahara jiyo (Everybody is a part of the same large community; nobody is an outsider)

Awwal Allah noor upaiya kudrat de sabh bande, Ek noor te sabh jag upjiya kaun bhale ko mande. ( First Almighty Allah. The entire humanity has originated from the same divine light, so how can there be divisions of good and bad, higher or lower amongst His creatures).

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sat sri akal

well the images shown above by N30 are duplicate :roll: stuff of original guru nanak dev image developed at Nanaksar( ludhiana)

founded by Sant baba nand singh jee .

well i would request everybody to see the the original picture of guru nanak dev jee imagined or visualised by baba nand singh jee at nanaksar(ludhiana)

(near jagraon pind)


well there is one printing press started by baba ishar singh jee which also issues pictures of guru nanak


new uttam bhandaar printing press, nanaksar


they paint the photos and print it .

we scan it and show it on websites

similarly i also have one photo of Guru Nanak dev jee


hope it satisfies us .....

even if it is just the imagination or visualisation of


waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh !

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