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About Sant baba Hazara Singh


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tsingh asks,

I'm trying to find out about a Sant Hazara Singh from Batala area.

Anyone heard of him? He must have been around from the early 20th century upto perhaps the 70s.


...and the mysterious Teacher of the late Yogi Bhajan, who confered upon him the mastery of Kundalini Yoga at the age of 16...

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Interesting article...


Yogi Bhajan — a tireless crusader

Prabhjot Singh

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7

Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, known as Yogi Bhajan to hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide, died at his home in Espanola, New Mexico, in the USA yesterday. He died of heart failure. He was 75.

A pioneer in many fields, he established permanent institutions organised spectacular events and produced a prolific body of teachings.

It was Yogi Bhajan who had set up Miri Piri School (American Sikhs) in Amritsar besides a naturopathy centre at Anandpur Sahib (Ropar) during the tercentenary celebrations of the birth of the Khalsa. He used to frequent India and Punjab almost every year.

The first to publicly teach Kundalini yoga, when he arrived in the West in 1968, he announced he had come to the West “to create teachers, not to gain studentsâ€.

A devout Sikh, his inspiration and example motivated thousands to embrace the Sikh way of life. Through his personal efforts, Sikh dharma was legally incorporated and officially recognised as a religion in the USA in 1971. In 1971, in acknowledgement of his extraordinary impact of spreading the universal message of Sikhism, the then president of the SGPC, Sant Charan Singh, called him the Siri Singh Sahib, Chief Religious and Administrative Authority for Western Hemisphere. He was given the responsibility to create a Sikh ministry in the West by Akal Takht. He was honored with the title Bhai Sahib by Akal Takht in 1974.

Born Harbhajan Singh Puri on August 26, 1929, in the part of India that became Pakistan in 1948, he was the son of a doctor. He spent his youth in Dalhousie and attended a Catholic convent school.

When he became a US citizen in 1976, Yogi Bhajan changed his name legally to Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. When he was just eight ,he began his yogic training with an enlightened teacher, Sant Hazara Singh, who proclaimed him to be a master of kundalini yoga.

During the turmoil of Partition, he led his village of 7000 people, near Lahore, 325 miles on foot to safety in New Delhi, where he arrived with only clothes on his back. Soon he was able to continue his education at Punjab University where he excelled in debate and was a star athlete, playing both hockey and soccer, and earning the name “China wall†from his opponents.

After graduating in economics, he began Indian Government service with the Revenue Department, and supervised the creation of the IRS building in New Delhi. Shortly thereafter, he moved to the customs. He married Inderjit Kaur in 1952. They had two sons, Ranbir Singh and Kulbir Singh, and a daughter, Kamaljit Kaur.

Throughout his academic career and government service he continued to teach yoga to people from all walks of life.

In September of 1968, he left India for Canada to teach yoga at Toronto University, carrying a letter of recommendation from Sir James George, Canadian High Commissioner in New Delhi, who had been his student. After two months in Canada, he flew to Los Angeles for a weekend visit.

From humble beginnings, teaching first at the East West Cultural Centre and then in a student’s furniture store in West Hollywood, “The Yogi†was like a magnet. Students flocked to his classes. Soon he was teaching at colleges and universities, including Claremont and UCLA, and accepting invitations to teach in other cities.

In July of 1969 the non-profit 3HO Foundation (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation) was incorporated in California. 3HOs service to humanity is through kundalini yoga, meditation and the science of humanology which improves physical wellbeing, as well as deepening spiritual awareness.

In 1994 3HO became a member of the United Nations as an NGO (non-governmental-organisation) in Consultative Status (Roster) with the Economic and Social Council, representing women’s issues, promoting human rights and providing education in alternative systems of medicine.

Over 200 books have been written based on his teachings, as well as a wealth of CD’s, videos, paintings, and sculpture. He himself wrote over 30 books including “The Teachings of Yogi Bhajanâ€, “Furmaan Khalsaâ€, “Master’s Touchâ€, and “Mind and its 81 Facetsâ€.

In 1989 Yogi Bhajan met President Mikhail Gorbachev and established addiction treatment programs in Russia based on the 3HO Super Health model. Currently a pilot project of Super Health is being formed by the Punjab Government in India.

source: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2004/20041008/punjab1.htm

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hehe, your too quick

yes, I was asked to check it out using my nirmala sources, but without any idea of his lineage it's a painful musing over 900 pages task. And then he might turn out to be sevapanthi or udasi!

Kamalla Rose Kaur has pointed out that in a book on Naam simran, a reclusive Sant Hazara Singh from Batala is referred to

I'm not too bothered myself as I see Virsa Singh as the key influence, but perhaps the kundalini aspect if from him. I'd imagine YB would be apprehensive to acredit any spiritual authority to anyone other than himself, so perhaps the Sant Hazara Singh was a nice way of side-stepping that Swami and Baba Virsa Singh (I don't know, just speculating). A 3HO author who refers to Sant Hazara Singh refers to him having a tibetan buddhist student. I haven't heard of anyone who fits the bill. You'd assume he'd be of some repute to be sought out by a tibetan monk whether from the east or even dharamsala.

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Yogi was not to keen to be associated with Baba Virsa Das (known also as Baba Virsa Singh) of Gobind Sadan. Many prominant 3HO speak of Baba Virsa Das being the individual who taught Yogi the aspects of Yoga. Interestingly Baba Virsa Das does not appear to associate with his former 'shagird' either, so perhaps there was a mutual parting of ways.

I'm hoping to visit Baba Virsa Das this in late Spring to clarify this. Perhaps this may turn out to be yet another can of worms :LOL:

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From what I've read particularly from ex 3HO, the original idea for America came from Gobind Sadan, as do the mantras used, some of the images used, the murti of Baba Sri Chand, etc. Baba Virsa was expecting YB to return with the disciples and tell them Virsa was his gurudev and therfore theirs also, but he snubbed him and this is where the split began.

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Guest Gurusansar Singh
On 1/20/2005 at 10:45 AM, tSingh said:


"yes, I was asked to check it out using my nirmala sources, but without any idea of his lineage it's a painful musing over 900 pages task. And then he might turn out to be sevapanthi or udasi!"

Sant Hazara Singh, the teacher of Yogi Bhajan, belonged to the Baba Bidhi Chand from Chinna Village, and was a devoted student of Sant Baba Sohan Singh. 
Whatever else you can find out about him, it would be wonderful. 


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Guest It's all a lie

Yogi Bhajan was a nobody, a rapist, a drug dealer, a lowly customs officer and made up the yoga he taught.  Research it for yourselves.  A deviant pervert.

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Waheguru ji.. you first wrote it on top it's all a lie see that's how my waheguru ji takes care of Nindaks.

Whatever you have written Mr lie that's all a lie .

When a Sikh man entered the vicinity of Foreigners and impressed a bundle among them- CONVERTED them , ofcourse they got jealous 🔥 and this 🔥 jealousy made them play tricks against the holy man. I am sure !

His thoughts are from the lineage of Baba SriChand ji and he says that as Baba SriChand ji was embraced into Sikhi by Guru Ramdas Sahib all udhaasis became Sikhs.... we do see few conceptual differences in his thinking than traditional followings of Sikhs yet he has strengthen the beliefs of so many people.

He was so strong in his LOVE that he made so many people of FOREIGN ORIGIN With total different thinking, background, culture etc fall in love with His Love. CAN YOU JUST CHANGE ONE OR TWO PEOPLE AND MAKE THEM BELIEVE IN YOUR BELIEFS before following the news crap of foreigners??

He's one man, who has influenced the lives of so many in a positive way and unna ne inne saariya nu Mere GURU SAHIB naal jorrea

If you can't follow his steps and believe some jealous folks with dirty agendas then you can't be a Sikh. Shame! shame!

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