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Share your ghost stories..


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Let's Share your ghost stories..stories you have heard or directly came in contact with ghost.

Here is mine.

There is this aunty came down to our house..her daughter was just talking to my neice. ..out of nowhere..they started talking aboug ghosts..

She said, one night she was watching t.v.. she saw a small kid close to her and in instant small children disappeared..she freaked out...she knew something was wrong...next day, she told her roomate who was living with her...they try the vizzie board at the next night..she lit up the candles and everything...they were on vizzie board...the coin keeps going from M then to O and then M. "Mom" and then she heard her voice...she is a punjabi small kid...crying and her father killed her and her mother...and gave her father- name...and told her that her soul is wandering around.

Later her roommate and my neice's freind ..did a research on the internet on the guy's name...they found his name on the news-paper...the killer (her father) is still on the loose.

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A friend of mine went into his room one evening while his cousins were around, and caught them using an improvised Ouija Board. Naturally he flipped and threw them all out of his room.

But after that day, strange thing started to happen. Just about every member of his family has on some occasion heard the sound of someone else breathing when they have been alone in the house. When it happened to him he actually held his breath and listened, and the breathing sound carried on.

On one occasion while he was alone downstairs late at night, he saw the sillouhette of a woman/girl pass by a doorway. He thought it was his sister but there was nobody there. He went upstairs to check on them and it turns out both his mum and his sis were asleep at the time.

Then on another occasion, he heard a noise in the kitchen, went in and found that 9 shopping bags were arranged in a perfect square on the kitchen floor. again, nobody else was around.

Creepy stuff.

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i've got a couple i guess that have happened to me...

one was when i was around 7 or 8 years old & it was at school. we were playing hide & seek. the school was really old & had some toilets in a separate building in the playground. i was hiding near there.

i'll try to explain the layout of the buildings as best i can. alongside the toilets building was another building which looked like it hadn't been used in a long time. i think one section on the other end of the building was used for storage, but can't ever remember the rest of the building ever being used. anyway, there was about a gap of around 5m between the two buildings... & that's where i was hiding. the other building (not the toilets) had a basement, & the only way to get there was to go through the toilets. there was a door in the toilets that lead down some stairs & to the door to the basement of the second building (ie it was like a tunnel had been dug out of the ground, but it was open from above). there was a metal gate alongside the passageway to stop ppl falling in. the door from the toilets was locked & looked like it hadn't been opened in years... the one leading into the basement (which had a glass pane in it with those metal wire things) looked even more antiquated. i hope that kind of makes it clear what i mean.

anyway, i was hiding next to the railings when i heard what sounded like muffled crying coming from the basement. i turned around & looked down & heard the crying again, this time louder & then the words "help me". at the same time, i saw what i can only say was a small light flash past the window. i got really freaked out & ran out into the main part of the playground & got caught right away. when i told my friends about it they all just laughed at me, but later that day when i was eating my lunch, all of my friends came rushing into the lunch hall shouting "we heard it, we heard it!"

we all went back there, but didn't see or hear anything more. then i went to see the caretaker & ask him if anyone had been down there. he said noone had been down there for many years. when i told him what we'd heard, he told me that the school was used as a bomb shelter during the second world war & that during one of the air raids a boy had died down there.

he then told me about how he had seen & heard many weird things in the schools basements & attics & how he was convinced they were ghosts.

anyway, news spread fast & our school got a rep for being haunted... which was cool!

the second one is maybe not so much a ghost story, as being really freaky.... but i'll save that for another day.

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Got this from sikhsangat

One story just came to my mind. It is about a gursikh who before taking Amrit used to drink and get in fights. One time a Nihung Jatha of Baba Gurdit Singh Ji came to his village and did Amrit Sanchaar. He also took Amrit and became a Nihung Singh. However, he never joined the jatha. He stayed in his village and did farming. He kept all the Rehat like waking up Amrit vela, wearing Bana all the time and doing Simran. In his village he knew a guy who would always get drunk, smoke and eat meat. Whenever Nihung Ji told him to do Paath and good things he would turn around his head and say "What's the point?"

many years passed by. Suddenly one day, this same guy came running from bus station (2-3 miles from village) shouting "they are coming. They are coming." Nobody understood what he was talking about. As soon as he came home, he started sweating and screaming like hell. He kept pointing in one direction by saying "there they are. they came to take me. I am scared. I don't want to go." But nobody understood. Then his family members came to Nihung Singh and told him about the situation. Nihung Gursikh understood the secret and went to their house. As soon as the Gursikh entered, the sick person felt little peaceful. Upon asking, he told everything to Gursikh that he is seeing Jamdoots who are big and scary. he said, "they will take me away, they are hurting me and my pain is unbearable."

Nihung Singh Ji realized that this person's time was very near. He sat near him. Taking out his Sukhmani Sahib Pothi He started doing Sukhmani Sahib Paath. The person stoped screaming. he was very calm. After reading few Paaths, the Gursikh stopped and left. But as soon as he left, the person started screaming again by saying that Jamdoots were beating him again. Gursikh came back and started doing Sukhmani Sahib again. He kept doing it until the person passed away. He died very peacefully and Guru Ji knows what happened to him after that. His family members and others were very surprised. This incident instilled Gursikhi Jeevan in many people. This is the power of Bani. "Partaap Tumara Dekh Kay Jamdoot Chadd Jahay". Bolo Waheguru.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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In their younger days, some of my friends were messing around near a derilict house. The place was totally gutted. It had been burned out at some point so there was no floor and u could see down into the basment area (except for all the debris filling it up from where the floors had caved in from the fire, however long ago that had happened), and there was no middle floor and much of the roof had collapsed, leaving a hollow shell.

Having messed around there for a while and explored what they could of the place, they eventually got bored and decided to go elsewhere. As they were leaving, one of them got the feeling he was being watched and looked behind him. He went white as a sheet and begged the others to get out of there right away. Seeing him so genuinely scared freaked the others out and they left the scene in a hurry. When they eventually got far enough away for him to feel safe they asked what had him so spooked.

He answered that he'd looked over his shoulder and seen a woman watching them from an upstairs window.

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oh ghost...comeonman..you are the ghost..how's your fellow ghost up to?? they are rapping it and kicking it init :LOL:..

anyway back to the topic..

got any ghost stories ghost? :P :wink: :shock:

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When I used to go to my mate's house we used to get freaked out by the cemetary opposite him. We would see eery lights above each gravestone.

Now that I'm older and wiser I've figured out that those lights were actually lamps.

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