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Some pics of Siri Sachkhand Patna Sahib


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I wish someone had taken a photo of the beautiful aarti they perform at Sachkhand Patna Sahib. It has to be one of the most beautiful I've been to, whereby the whole sangat moves toward the front, are given phoolan, and the deepas are on a large conical tree-like aarti lamp. The aarti is performed of the asthaan, and the image of Guru ji in front, rather than directly at Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib.

The thing I don't understand about Patna Sahib, is how Gyani Iqbal Singh ji with his views allows raensabhais to take place in the actual Takhat itself...I get the feeling this is the only Takhat that allows such an event. Likewise the privately run bookshop there was all Bhai Randhir Singh, Joginder Singh Talwara, Bhai Rama Singh, etc

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das therefore told Narsingha Sahib that Maryada is at present not 100% same as Hazur Sahib.

There is no Jhataka either to any near place.When Das asked the same book seller about if there is any Jhatka shop nearby(There is a shop a bit away from city chowk).He was not happy to listen to it.As there were books by Talwara Ji and Rama Singh Ji there.Das in fact bought a few.Good work of.......Das will not right something wrong.

So the trouble here is by two factors.

1. Mahants who use to control that are no longewr there.

2. DSGPC is taking more and more control in hand.(There should not be any problem as far as Dasham Granth is concern as DSGPC with pressure group from old Delhi are highly pro Dasham Granth).but via DSGPC Talwara type of state of mind in setting in.

3. There were about 1500 Punjabi families living around the Takhat,After 1984 they are 150 or so but they are domnating over native Biharis.

The way under the guys of Mai Bhago Brigade,Wealthy Bhapa(Mercantile) meantilty has spoiled the Jhatka or meat eating or non ritualislts way of life of Sikhs of Alwal(Hyderabad) and made them Bhasaruiyas.So is in happening in Takhat Harmandir Sahib.Yes there is no caste there .

4. As wealthy mercantile class can afford to have luxury of doing ritualism which poor Biharis can not.So by shamming they prove that they are true Sikhs and Bhyyas,Deccanis or Bihariyas are not complete.

In fact the younger generations of Sikhs from that mercantile class are also questioning the useless restriction of ritualism.Das think that like Nirmal Akhara there should be a Chhawani(Camp) of Budhdal at Patna Sahib Area also then people will get amaple arms to breack the neck of ritualism.

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